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GH Previews: Week of May 17


GH Previews: Week of May 17

Lucky rejects Elizabeth’s offer; Tracy finds herself in danger; Carly has a plan.

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Sonny discusses options about Michael and Morgan with Dante, later Sonny tells Carly there is no way he will allow Jax to adopt Morgan. Carly and Spinelli try to convince Jason not to go through with his plan to keep Michael safe in prison, but Jason refuses to listen. Jason plans to plead guilty to a D felony so he will get sent to Pentonville. Jason and Sam make love for a final time before he is sent to prison.

Sonny visits with Michael and lets him know that Jason is coming into prison as an inmate to keep him safe. Olivia overhears Sonny making promises to crush Johnny if he attempts to strike against him. Ethan agrees to work with Johnny to take Sonny down.

Dante has a visit with Michael and later, he and Claire take Jason into custody. Mayor Floyd puts the brakes on Jason’s transfer to Pentonville, and Dante tries to work through the red tape to get Jason transferred as soon as possible. Michael faces some challenges while in prison.


Lucky turns down the chance to spend ‘family night’ with Elizabeth and the boys because he doesn’t believe they are ready to be a family again. Nikolas apologies to Elizabeth for his recent behavior and wants to show her how committed he is to their unborn baby. Nikolas and Lucky have a face to face confrontation. Later, Lucky takes the boys to the park and has an encounter with Claire, who confesses she is feeling her biological clock ticking. Luke sets up a romantic evening with Tracy but she is a no show, he and Ethan have concerns as to where she is. Tracy finds herself in one of Helena’s dungeons.


Carly recruits Spinelli in her quest for revenge against Dante and Lulu. After finding a photo of Dante with Brook Lynn Ashton, Carly tracks down Brook Lynn with a plan. Convince her to come back to Port Charles at any price. Patrick shows signs of jealousy when Lisa spends time with Steven. Robin prepares to devote her life to the memory of Stone. Sonny admits to Robin he wants to have a family with Olivia and Dante. Johnny and Ethan set a plan into motion to take down Sonny. After confronting Alexis about Warren’s latest threats, Nikolas “persuades” Warren to drop his suit against Alexis.


Sam and Jason make love at the cabin on Monday, May 17.

Patrick is jealous of Lisa spending more time with Steve on Tuesday, May 18.

Dante and Claire take Jason into custody, but the plan might have already backfired when it comes to Michael’s safety on Wednesday, May 19

Maxie tells Lulu to not tell Dante about the abortion on Thursday, May 20.

Sonny uses his charm to get Olivia help him get closer to Dante on Friday, May 21.


Carly’s out for revenge and willing to do anything…and use anyone to get what she wants. Michael finds himself in danger.

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