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ATWT Previews: Week of May 17


ATWT Previews: Week of May 17

Margo finds out Gabriel is Craig’s son.


  • Lisa celebrates her 50 years in Oakdale.
  • Vienna reveals a secret.
  • Luke bonds with Noah after the surgery.
  • Jack goes to bat for Parker.

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Tom, Kim, and Bob are planning to throw a party for Lisa to celebrate her 50th anniversary of her arrival in Oakdale at Metro. Lisa is upset and instead wants to put on a show because her time in the town certainly isn’t over yet. She pre-records clips of her friends reenacting moments from her life, including Alison playing her role, and Casey as a younger Bob. Katie is cast as an older version of Lisa, and Chris plays Don but their kiss doesn’t look like acting. The show is a rousing success and Lisa is a hit!


Margo is shocked by Lily’s news that Gabriel is in fact Craig’s son. Lily lies and says that Craig knew this before the fire at Metro. Margo is inclined to believe that Craig would never do anything to hurt Gabriel. Together, the brother and sister visit Gabriel in the hospital. Jack berates Carly for her part in hiding Parker’s guilt. He concedes and tells her that he won’t turn Parker in. Parker acts strangely at the hospital and Margo soon becomes suspicious of his part in Gabriel’s accident.


Alison tells Casey that Vienna is just stringing him along. Vienna wants to call things off but Casey doesn’t want to. Elated to learn that her cancer is still in remission Barbara kisses Henry. Vienna finds out and retaliates by informing the pair that she is pregnant. Henry is at first shocked, but he and Vienna bond over the good news. Katie tries to set up Alison and Chris in the basement of WOAK. Her plan backfires and she is instead trapped down there with Chris. Luke can’t bring himself to admit to Noah that something has been going on with Reid. At Snyder pond, he questions how to handle this difficult situation.

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