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AMC Previews: Week of May 10


AMC Previews: Week of May 10

Jackson confronts Erica about sabotaging Greenlee’s business deal.

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Ryan and Greenlee come to a truce and agree it’s best to remain friends. Greenlee tosses her pregnancy test in the trash but it lands somewhere else. David insists to Erica that his marriage to Greenlee is solid, but remains worried about her relationship with Ryan. David sees the pregnancy test and confronts Greenlee about it. David and Greenlee are on opposite sides where children are concerned. Greenlee eavesdrops as Ryan tears into David.


JR unleashes fury as Annie returns home. JR swears to Annie that they are done. Liza informs Annie that Adam has withdrawn his offer. Marissa arrives at Tad and Krystal’s doorstep, but her patience wears then they try to give her advice about JR. Marissa pays JR a visit at the mansion. JR clearly wants Marissa back and wonders if she still loves him. Danger lurks Annie’s way. JR isn’t to pleased with Scott, who offers to let Annie move into the gatehouse.


Liza is shocked when Colby offers to let Stuart come stay at the mansion. Damon makes improvement with Tad. Colby is relieved when Liza doesn’t discover her birth control pills. Per David’s orders, Madison starts planning her seduction of Ryan. Erica and Greenlee play dirty, where Fusion’s concerned. Jackson confronts Erica about sabotaging Greenlee’s latest business deal. A guilt ridden Amanda feels responsible for causing Janet’s stroke.


Madison confesses to Randi on Monday, May 10

Amanda fears she’s going to end up like her mother on Tuesday, May 11

Greenlee gets the pregnancy test results on Wednesday, May 12

Madison feels guilty about seducing Ryan on Thursday, May 13

Jack admits to Opal that he still loves Erica on Friday, May 14

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