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OLTL Previews: Week of May 10


OLTL Previews: Week of May 10

Carlotta questions Christian about his feelings for Jessica.

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Hannah tries to cut a deal with Todd, whereby she would recant her story if he withdraws charges against Cole. Todd refuses, and insists he’ll get even with her when the truth comes out. Hannah tells Cole of Todd’s threats. Cole is upset that Starr told her dad about Hannah’s overdose. After learning from Nora that there is no way to get Cole out of jail, Starr goes to visit him where she finds him with Hannah, and they argue. Blair doesn’t reveal Tea’s condition when she sees Todd, but later insists that Tea must tell Todd the truth. When Todd is released from the hospital, John escorts him to a jail cell, adjacent to Cole’s. Of course, the inevitable confrontation ensues between Todd and Cole. When Todd informs John of the bargain Hannah tried to make with him, Cole rises to Hannah’s defense. Todd maintains his innocence and warns John that Marty’s attacker remains free. John notices Hannah’s jacket matches the mysterious fiber found at the crime scene. Starr is blue about not being able to go to the prom with Cole, and matters grow worse when she overhears a conversation between Hannah and Cole. Blair convinces Tea to begin treatment post haste. Dorian wonders why Blair is being so nice to Tea.


Layla feels Cristian is being overly protective when he spies Jessica and Ford flirting. When Jessica later accuses Cristian of being jealous of Ford, Cristian offers weak denials. Marty’s advice makes Clint and Viki more comfortable about Jessica attending the prom. Dani can’t stop thinking about Nate. Ford wants Langston to ditch the prom to hook up with him. Jessica, Layla, Destiny, Danielle, Langston and Whitney all prep for prom night at Foxy Roxy’s. Jessica needles Layla when she claims Cristian is still in love with her. Carlotta questions Cristian about his feelings for Jessica. After Roxy accuses Natalie of moving to London to run away from John, she advises Natalie to pour her heart out in a letter to John. Natalie writes the letter, and drops it off in John’s office unobserved. John opens the envelope, not realizing who the letter is from, but is called away before he can read it. Marty drops by John’s office and when she sees the envelope, she reads it and slips it into her purse. Kelly’s new bodyguard, Shaun, tags along on her date with Reed. Rex and Gigi track down Otto, who recognizes the necklace as his work, but claims he doesn’t remember who the piece was made for. Rex knows Otto is hiding something, and he and Gigi go back and break into the jewelry store to investigate. They discover a lockbox, but Otto busts them before they can get it opened, and they are arrested.


Layla accuses Cristian of being overly protective of Jessica when Ford flirts with her on Monday, May 10.

A forlorn Marty struggles with the loss of her baby and Rex and Gigi break into the jewelry store looking for answers and discover the lockbox on Tuesday, May 11

Cole and Todd clash after being placed in jail cells opposite each other and Todd tells John that Marty’s attacker is running loose on Wednesday, May 12

Alone in John’s office, Marty reads Natalie’s letter and slips it into her purse on Thursday, May 13

“Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical” Part I. Music fills the air as prom night approaches and rehearsals continue on Friday, May 14

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