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GH Previews: Week of June 21


GH Previews: Week of June 21

Franco makes his presence known to residents of Port Charles.

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Michael is released into Dante’s custody and moves in with him. Carly is not happy about Michael’s release arrangements. Brooke offers to keep an eye on Michael when Dante and Lulu want some alone time. Sonny comes to Dante’s in the hopes to see his son, but is denied. During a heart to heart conversation Michael tells Dante he doesn’t feel that Sonny is a good role model for him and his siblings. Against Dante’s wishes, Sonny visits with Michael. During Michael’s stay with Dante, he notices Michael’s still very skittish and is easily shaken by things.

Claire visits Michael and wants to know more about Carter for her investigation on Franco. Carly is visited by Michael and he tells her she should reconcile with Jax. Michael inadvertently walks in on Dante and Lulu having sex.


Olivia asks Lulu to try to convince Johnny to stay away from Kristina, but she refuses. Alexis pays Johnny a visit with the intention of swaying him to keep away from Kristina. Kristina has every intention of keeping close to Johnny, while Alexis pleads with Johnny to not use her daughter in his fight against Sonny. Johnny tries to convince Kristina to stay away from him, that the ruse is over. Sonny and Alexis join forces to try to control Kristina and to end her ‘relationship’ with Johnny. Sam tries to make Kristina understand that her behavior will have dire consequences if she’s not careful.

Sonny tells Max and Milo he wants to see Johnny dead. Johnny tries again to convince Kristina to end the ruse. Johnny and Olivia re-connect and make love. Sonny tells Jason about his plans to kill Johnny, and wants Jason to take care of Anthony before he can retaliate. Sonny admits to Luke he has plans in the works to kill Johnny. Claire has a visit with Johnny to make a deal to bust Sonny.


Maxie visits with Jason and tells him she got a photo from Franco, Jason suggests she goes to see Claire. Maxie goes to see Claire and fills her in on Franco and his connection to Jason. Sam pretends to be Jason’s wife so they can have a conjugal visit. Diane tells Jason he is not going to be released from Pentonville. Later, Dante suggests to Claire to release Jason to lure out Franco, but Claire doesn’t like the idea. After a visit with Michael, Carly receives an envelope addressed to Josslyn from Franco. Jax enlists Dante and Claire to follow the evidence left by Franco. Claire agrees to Dante’s idea but warns him if Jason escapes his custody, he (Dante) will go pay the price. Dante agrees and heads to Pentonville to get Jason released.


Patrick and Emma spend time in the park for Father’s Day. Steve and Patrick argue over an emergency surgery, it gets physical when Patrick punches Steve. Steve suspends Patrick, who later finds solace with Luke. Brooke underestimates Carly and her plans for Dante and Lulu. Lucky discovers he has a new roommate …. Luke has moved in. Patrick goes to the hospital hoping to get back to work, but Steve has other ideas.

Elizabeth puts Nikolas on blast for trying to use Shirley to get to her. Ethan tries to calm down Tracy but he’s not successful. Luke breaks into the Quartermaine mansion to see Tracy, and she has him arrested. Carly admits to Jax that she knows he can keep their family safe.


Patrick spends a lonely Father’s Day with Emma in the park and misses Robin on Monday, June 21.

Worried about losing his children, Sonny finds comfort in Olivia on Tuesday, June 22.

During a visit from Michael, Carly discovers a Franco photo in her mail addressed to Josslyn on Wednesday, June 23

Jason and Sam share an intimate moment over the public payphone on Thursday, June 24.

Sonny tells Jason he has plans to kill Johnny in the works and asks Jason to kill Anthony before he can retaliate on Friday, June 25.


Luke warns Sonny against his killer plan. James Franco returns. Sonny reviews the car bomb plans. Spinelli locates Franco’s mother.

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