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GH Previews: Week of July 26


GH Previews: Week of July 26

Elizabeth emotionally breaks when she fears her baby is dead.


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Lulu and Dante fear they have lost the only lead they had to find Aiden. Lucky comes up with a plan to assist them. Liz emotionally breaks down when she fears her baby is dead. Liz continues to come undone as Lucky finds disturbing evidence. Lucky discovers a dead body. Lucky and Nik realize who has taken baby Aiden.

While Robin and Maxie wait anxiously for the results of the surgery, Steve commends Olivia for her quick thinking with Ethan. Maxie warns Robin to watch out for Lisa, she is up to no good with Patrick. Lisa makes it clear to Patrick that because they slept together one time, she considers them in a relationship. The two begin to argue and as Robin comes on the scene Patrick denies the possibility of having relations with Lisa. Patrick is beeped to see on a patient but when he arrives at the patient’s room, he finds Lisa half naked waiting for him and wanting sex. Patrick agrees to meet Lisa at Jake’s to discuss their relationship.

Jason and Franco have a deadly encounter. Jason is then returned to Dante’s custody. Dante convinces Jason not to kill him. Jason would make things much worse for Michael. Dante returns Jason to his penthouse to spend one last night with Sam before going back to Pentonville. Spinelli offers Jason and Sam a way so they can be together. Sam proposes she and Jason run away together. Ronnie interrupts Dante and Lulu’s evening together to find out why Jason is not back at Pentonville. Dante has some news about Franco and informs Jason and Sam. Later, Jason and Sam make love. Dante makes a decision about taking Jason back to Pentonville. Jason tells Michael the truth about Carter’s attack. Dante, Lucky and Jason track down Karen Anderson’s home in Woodstock but it has been cleaned out.


Carly becomes aware Michael and Kristina will need time to heal, emotionally. Kristina is proud of Michael’s resilient attitude. Kristina blames herself for Ethan’s situation. Carly is witness to one of Michael’s nightmares. Kristina tells Sonny and Alexis about Michael defending her against Warren Bauer. Carly plans a welcome home party for Jax. Olivia and Johnny have a run in at Kelly’s. Kristina tells Michael she hates their father and will make him pay. Johnny tells Ethan he has evidence against Sonny. Alexis tells Sonny to leave the mob for the sake of his children.


Lisa makes a subtle threat to Patrick about their one nightstand, saying they have a relationship now on Monday, July 26.

Claire proposes that Sonny sleep with her and give her a baby on Tuesday, July 27

Brook pulls Johnny into a hot kiss just as Dante rounds the corner and sees on Wednesday, July 28.
Dante discovers some news about Franco and tells Jason and Sam on Thursday, July 29.

Alexis urges Sonny to quit the mob for Kristina’s sake on Friday, July 30

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