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AMC Previews: Week of July 26


AMC Previews: Week of July 26

Greenlee learns the depths David will go to get what he wants.


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Greenlee questions David as to why he just stood over Ryan’s body and did nothing.  She later tells him to stay away from Ryan. Greenlee asks David for some time apart and he agrees.  Greenlee’s walls are closing in on her when David threatens to expose her part in the Miranda case.  Bianca tells Ryan about Greenlee and David’s separation.  David threatens Greenlee with jail as a way to get her to stay married to him. Ryan asks Greenlee if it’s true that she broke things off with David.  David plans a romantic dinner for Greenlee, but she’s not having it.  She accuses David of scaring her just so she will stay with him.


Liza gets more placebo pills from David to swap Damon’s meds with.  Colby waits for Adam’s arrival, but is disappointed when he doesn’t show up.  Upset, Damon comforts Colby and the two later have sex.  Tad questions Liza about the racy photos on Damon’s phone and she covers it by saying she didn’t know he was in the room.   Damon accuses Liza of lying and tells Tad that she knew he was in the room.  Colby and Damon decide to leave Pine Valley for good.  Tad and Liza go looking for Damon and Colby.

Angie wants to keep Jesse in the dark about her vision problems.  Madison expresses her concern for Ryan to Frankie.  Angie learns that the experimental drug for her vision is working, but also learns she is pregnant.  Natalia is concerned for Jesse and his revenge against David.  Caleb confides in Bianca.  Annie receives her divorce papers from Adam.


Colby is heartbroken on Monday, July 26th

Bianca shares the news of David and Greenlee’s separation to Ryan on Tuesday, July 27th

Randi isn’t happy to learn that Madison is staying at her place on Wednesday, July 28th

Angie must decide if she wants to carry her baby full term on Thursday, July 29th

Annie tries to cover her hurt about the divorce in front of JR on Friday, July 30th

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