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OLTL Previews: Week of July 26


OLTL Previews: Week of July 26

Rex is thwarted by Eli in Boston.


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In Boston, Eli drugs Rex and then manipulates official records to interfere with the investigation into Bennett Thompson. Blair informs Dorian of her engagement and plans to surprise Eli, unaware he’s lied about where he is. Eli tells Blair he was in New York to buy her engagement ring. Eli wants to marry Blair as soon as possible and proposes that they elope to Vegas. Kelly finds Rex regaining consciousness and they learn a file was left for him at the front desk. Kelly and Rex try to recover the correct documents at the Hall of Records in Boston, but hit a wall. As Starr and Cole prepare for the first day of his trial for assaulting Todd, their discussion turns to Hannah. Cole admits he nearly slept with Hannah, and that he’s not entirely convinced she committed the crimes she’s confessed to. Tea, Dani and Nate return from a trip to New York to support Todd as he testifies in Cole’s trial. Todd has a change of heart as the trial begins.

When Hannah tries to call Cole, Eli intercepts. Later Hannah calls Ford and Eli shows up in time to overhear her begging Ford for his help. Eli pulls a gun on Hannah. Kelly brings John up to speed on what happened in Boston. John tips Kelly off about his suspicions that Eli may be Bennett Thompson when she catches him sending a photo of Eli to the Hall of Records in Boston.


Jess and Brody continue to celebrate her pregnancy. Gigi urges Natalie to postpone her decision until she’s had more time to think on it. John pressures Natalie to tell her what’s bothering her and Natalie explains she’s concerned something could destroy Jessica’s happiness. Dorian and David continue to insist they are not, nor have ever been, in love. Clint agrees to swap favors with Dorian. After an upsetting meeting with Ford, Inez gets pulled over by Bo for driving erratically. Inez confides in Bo. Brody proposes to Jessica. Todd tells Starr that Tea is dying.


Evangeline’s mother, Layla and Cristian agree to honor her wishes by taking her off life support on Monday, July 26.

Tea checks items off her bucket list during a trip to New York with Todd, Danielle and Nate on Tuesday, July 27.

Todd has a change of heart. Eli intercepts a call from Hannah to Cole and threatens her on Wednesday, July 28.

Gigi asks Natalie if she still wants to go through with the abortion and Brody asks Jessica to marry him on Thursday, July 29.

Jack tells Blair he’s not going to let her run off and get married and Eli holds Hannah at gunpoint on Friday, July 30.

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