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ATWT Previews: Week of August 2


ATWT Previews: Week of August 2

Carly worries that Holden and Lily might bond while they are waiting for another flight.

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Having discovered that the factory in France doesn’t exist, Craig, Holden and Lily board a plane to fly back to Oakdale. Holden hopes that he can arrive for his wedding but a storm over the Atlantic redirects them to Canada. Meanwhile, Molly explains to Ethan and Natalie that she’s not going to replace Lily as their mother. Carly worries that Holden and Lily might bond while they are waiting for another flight. She and Jack try to distract Molly, and try to keep her spirits up until Holden returns home.

Abigail helps her mother get ready for her wedding. She gives Molly some advice after they discuss her terrible love life. At the airport, Lily bargains to get a flight to Oakdale but they arrive too late. Holden finds Molly at the farm. She tells him that she can’t be with someone who doesn’t put her first.

Chris pulls out all the stops in his efforts to get the chief of staff position at Memorial. He later admits to Katie that he’s hoping this will show her that he would make a great husband and father. Abigail meets Reid. Reid and Luke bond over babysitting duties. Luke’s hesitant to sleep with Reid. Henry and Will continue the search for Barbara. Iris celebrates her birthday. Gwen asks Paul if Iris can stay at Fairwinds.

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