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AMC Previews: Week of August 2


AMC Previews: Week of August 2

Annie comes to terms with her divorce from Adam and looks forward to her future with Scott.


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Annie confesses to JR that her divorce to Adam was necessary and that she is happy about her upcoming wedding to Scott. Marissa spies on JR looking at their wedding photo and wonders if he would have still married her even if he wasn’t sick at the time. Marissa begins working for Caleb as his legal aid. Krystal is surprised to see Caleb in town. Annie tells Scott she wants to elope. JR reassures Marissa of his support. Marissa tells JR that they need to rebuild their relationship. Marissa accepts JR’s invitation to the beach cottage. Marissa and Krystal argue.


Ryan suffers from back pain and is rushed to the hospital. He calls Greenlee and is stunned to learn that she is with David. David buys Greenlee an expensive gift and she gets enraged when she learns he is blackmailing her. Greenlee tells David that they should work things out. Greenlee admits to Ryan that she is playing David. Later she goes through David’s belongings and he catches her.

Angie tells Jesse about her vision condition as well as the fact that she has to stop taking the medication due to the pregnancy. Angie comes to Jesse’s defense with Mayor Iris. Angie informs Frankie and Randi about her medical condition and the baby. She later tells Jake that she wants to become the next Chief Of Staff. Angie wants to protect the baby and makes it clear that despite what could happen to her, she will not terminate the pregnancy.

Colby overhears Damon telling Tad about the photos on his phone and Liza trying to seduce him. Colby and Liza face off. Madison asks Ryan if he’s completely over Greenlee and that he should stay out of her and David’s business. Liza confesses to Tad.


Caleb vows revenge on the Chandler family on Monday, August 2.

Angie stands firm with Jesse on Tuesday, August 3

Frankie expresses his concerns to Madison about getting involved with Ryan on Wednesday, August 4

Damon and Colby plan to leave Pine Valley for good on Thursday, August 5

Liza and Krystal share an unlikely alliance on Friday, August 6


Kendall returns to Pine Valley. Marissa misinterprets JR and Annie’s time alone. David asks Liza for help.

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