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GH Previews: Week of August 2


GH Previews: Week of August 2

The search for baby Aiden continues as Lucky, Dante and Jason team up to track down Franco.

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Franco stashes his mother and baby Aiden in a remote location in Oregon and turns his focus now on a new oBsession. Jason, Dante, Lucky and Spinelli track down leads to Aiden’s whereabouts in the hopes of finding the child. Sam is determined to have a romantic evening with Jason. Lulu is unaware that Sam can hear her while she vents about the dangers of Dante working with Jason in his search for Franco and Aiden. Spinelli has some good news about their search for Franco and the baby, while Ronnie prepares to send Jason back to Pentonville. Dante steals files to hold up Jason’s return to prison, while, Lucky and Spinelli go to rescue baby Aiden from Franco. Lucky hatches a plan to rescue Aiden and Dante’s attempts at hindering Jason’s return to prison are moot.

Meanwhile, Liz struggles with the guilt after a run in with Helena. Lulu tries to mend fences with Nikolas and Liz tries her best to patch things up with Steve. Liz agrees to move into Wyndemere with Nikolas, and with Alexis’ blessing, Liz and Nik remove Helena from Spoon Island. On the verge of being tossed out of the mansion, Helena decides not to reveal Aiden’s true paternity to Nikolas and Elizabeth.


Johnny tries to convince Claire to arrest Sonny for his illegal dealings but Claire offers Sonny something he cannot refuse. Sonny remains flirtatious as Claire gaslights him about some incriminating photographs. Carly and Sonny don’t see eye to eye about Johnny, and she feels very betrayed by both Sonny and Dante. Sonny takes steps to gain retribution against Johnny and Dante arrests Johnny for murder. Sonny feels satisfaction as he watches Johnny being arrested for murder, all the while, denies any involvement in it. While both incarcerated, Johnny and Jason discuss the mob war that is brewing in the town of Port Charles.


Carly reminds Brooke of her plans to break up Dante and Lulu and she pressures Brooke to remain focused on seducing Dante, not Johnny. Carly calls Brooke’s bluff and forces her to stay focused on Dante.

Robin finds photos of her and Patrick vandalized in her locker at the hospital. Patrick confronts Lisa about the photos, but she denies responsibility. Michael interrupts Dante and Lulu’s romantic evening. Mac is not pleased to hear that Maxie is dating Matt. Tracy offers Ethan a room at the Q mansion for his recovery and announces she will nurse him back to health. Ethan notices Maya is not coping well with the aftermath of Warren’s rampage at the hospital. Robin hears from her old friend, Brenda. Carly interrupts Lulu trying to make peace with Spinelli. Sonny remembers his past with Brenda.


Still dangling the pregnancy option, Claire offers Sonny a way out on Monday, August 2.

Robin shows Patrick the mutilated photos. Patrick demands an explanation from Lisa, who denies culpability and attacks the couple for their accusations on Tuesday, August 3.

Liz struggles with guilt after Helena rips into her about baby Aiden’s kidnapping on Wednesday, August 4.

Dante steals files at the PCPD and successfully delays Jason’s return to prison on Thursday, August 5.

Robin hears from her old friend Brenda on Friday, August 6.


Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo returns to General Hospital as Brenda Barrett on Wednesday, August 11. ABC is pre-empting it’s daytime line-up to show the best of Brenda and her men on Tuesday, August 10. Sonny tells Claire of his history with Brenda. Brook amps up her quest to bed Dante. Sam has a plan for Jason.

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