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OLTL Previews: Week of August 2


OLTL Previews: Week of August 2

John and Kelly are closer to proving their mystery. Will Eli make a mistake in his desperation?

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John and Kelly grow closer to tying Eli to Bennett Thompson.  John questions Blair and orders Kelly to back off.  Jack is determined to interfere with Blair’s marriage plans.  Meanwhile Eli forces Hannah to swallow pills and when she passes out, he leaves her to die.  John shares his suspicions about Eli with Brody when Brody and Jessica arrive to share the good news about their engagement.  Eli visits Ford at the new apartment he’s now sharing with James.  Ford warns James to stay away from Eli.  Cole worries about Hannah and when he goes to check on her, he finds her unconscious and gets her to the doctor in the nick of time.

Blair is furious when Kelly claims that Eli is actually Bennett Thompson and has murdered at least three people.  Blair goes to confront John over his suspicions and while she’s there, Layla reveals that Evangeline has died.  John learns that Layla is in possession of evidence about Bennett Thompson that she found in Evangeline’s documents and Eli overhears.  Eli attacks Cristian to get to the documents.  When Cole returns to Starr after saving Hannah, she expresses her concern that Hannah is still trying to get her hooks into Cole.  James shows up to visit Starr and asks her if there’s a chance for them to be together.


Tea hallucinates that Todd is an impostor.  Langston reveals she thought she’d seen another side of Ford until she learned he’d gotten tested for STD’s, which made her realize he hadn’t changed.  Dorian and David continue to play games to convince each other they’ve moved on from their romance and they agree to double date.  Gigi provides support to Natalie by accompanying her to the clinic for an abortion, but Natalie reconsiders.  Tea tells Todd and Danielle that she has only weeks to live and she wants to die alone in hospice.


Tea refuses to marry Todd. Gigi accompanies Natalie on her trip to get an abortion on Monday, August 2.

Kelly tells Blair she thinks Eli is a murderer. Hannah passes out from the pills and Eli leaves her to die on Tuesday, August 3.

Natalie tells John she’s pregnant and asks him if they can keep it to themselves for a while on Wednesday, August 4.

Tea learns from Greg that her health is declining more rapidly than he anticipated on Thursday, August 5.

James and Ford receive a visit from Inez and Nate on Friday, August 6.

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