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OLTL Previews: Week of July 5


OLTL Previews: Week of July 5

Eli proposes to Blair…but just how well does she know him?


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After Eli proposes to Blair, his darker side is revealed when Ford indicates it is Eli who prompted him to accuse Hannah of the attack. Eli agrees to represent Hannah, but in private quizzes her about what she really saw the night of Marty’s attack, and then threatens her not to tell anyone what she knows about the crimes against Marty and Ford. Kelly cannot believe Blair is hesitant to except Eli’s proposal. Kelly also talks about the kiss Todd laid on her with Jessica, and remains troubled by it. Meanwhile, Todd’s attempt to rescue Starr and Dani ends in a shootout, leaving Bull dead, and James gravely injured. As Todd, James, Starr, Dani and Nate arrive at the hospital they encounter Blair with Tea who has suffered a setback. Tea tells Dani she is dying of cancer, and a stricken Dani escapes to the park. Ford and Starr have a confrontation at the hospital about James. Cole hears of the shooting and comes to the hospital where he and Starr come face-to-face. Cole is relieved that Starr is safe and confesses that Hannah admitted to lying about everything, and he apologizes. When a nurse arrives to update Starr on James’ condition, Cole senses that Starr has bonded with James. Todd blames Nate for putting Dani at risk.


Kelly asks Rex asks if he’s made any progress in finding Bennett Thompson. Brody feels guilty when Jessica admits that she was with in bed with Ford the night he was attacked, but she insists they did not sleep together. Marty is grateful to John for looking out for Cole. David convinces Matthew to keep his involvement in Dani and Nate’s ordeal to himself. Viki and Charlie pull together in a united front and vow to get Dorian and David to see the truth about their feelings for one another. Cris and Layla learn that Evangeline is in the hospital and rush to see her.


Encore Episode (5/24/10) John prevents Natalie from leaving for London. Jessica tells Brody her memory has returned. Ford is left severely beaten. on Monday, July 5.

Ford reveals it was Eli who sent the letter telling him to name Hannah as his assailant on Tuesday, July 6

Bull is killed and James is wounded in a shootout with Todd on Wednesday, July 7

Eli threatens Hannah to keep her quiet, and Blair renews her promise to Tea to help Dani cope on Thursday, July 8

Cris and Layla tell her mother about their engagement, and learn that Evangeline is in the hospital on Friday, July 9

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