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ATWT Previews: Week of July 5


ATWT Previews: Week of July 5

Lucinda continues to make trouble for Lily.


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  • Barbara hallucinates while she is held hostage in a warehouse
  • Gabriel gets in trouble for gambling
  • Anthony Blackthorn arrives in Oakdale
  • Lucinda continues to make trouble for Lily

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Jack offers to fix up a cabin on the property of Snyder Farm for Liberty, Janet, and the new baby. Liberty loves the idea and suggests that he could hire Gabriel to help. Gabriel, however, doesn’t want her charity and instead goes to a high stakes poker game. The cops later bust the illegal gambling parlor and he is arrested. Jack calls Craig and pleads that Jack let Gabriel work on the renovations of the cabin. Dusty is upset that Janet likes the idea and that she is willing to take Jack up on his offer. Meanwhile, Lily continues to keep Craig’s involvement with the perfume line a secret from Carly. Together the women name their line and are surprised to receive support from Lucinda. Craig offer a lowball offer to Lucinda but she refuses to accept his bid to buy Worldwide. Instead, she plans to unload a floundering factor on Craig in order to financially break him.


Barbara wakes up confused in a warehouse filled with party favors and candy. She tries to deduce who might have locked her in there — Vienna, Katie or Emily. She is upset that she won’t be able to stop Henry from marrying Vienna. Vienna says her vows to Henry who mentions the baby in his own. Katie is angered that Vienna still hasn’t come clean to Henry. The newly married couple then retires to their room, and Vienna is pleased that she got away with it. Henry, on the other hand, is distant having thought that Barbara would interrupt the ceremony in the nick of time.

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