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Presenters Revealed for the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

From the winner’s circle — interviews with the winners from the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. TVSource Magazine Assistant Editor William Dallman had the opportunity to take off to Vegas this past weekend and interview some of the biggest soap stars in the industry on the red carpet at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Stay tuned to TVSource Magazine for our coverage of the red carpet. You saw the presenters, the nominees, the winners, and the speeches, but here’s what our editor was able to dig up from the press room at the Hilton in Las Vegas last night as he interviewed the major winners!

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Julie Pinson (Janet, ATWT), who started in soaps in 1997 on Port Charles, came into the press room beaming as she held her much deserved Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress. She spoke highly of her As the World Turns executive producer Christopher Goutman, thanking him for the role of Janet. “I finally got a show that wrote for me, and wrote for my strengths,” she shared before revealing how happy she was that she got to utilize her comedic chops in the part.

Pinson also raved about acting partner (and later Lead Actor winner) Michael Park (Jack, ATWT). Pinson turned the talk to her husband, Billy Warlock (ex-Frankie, DAYS; ex-AJ, GH) saying, “I barely got to thank my husband! I had this whole beautiful thing to say about my husband; how cute he is, how great he is, and how good in bed he is!” She also joked her Emmy will go above her husband’s one, not next to it (Warlock won Outstanding Leading Younger Man in 1988 for Days).

Pinson did speak briefly about why she didn’t submit what everyone was buzzing about – the abortion plot. “I don’t want to talk about that in the press because I don’t want to get political,” the Emmy winner said, circumventing the political powder keg. Wise choice, wise lady!

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Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas, B&B) talked about his reel, “I had a really fun storyline early last year where I was really upset at my sister’s choice of men. I wanted to prove a point so I burned down his house and I blew up his car. We had some really good arguments, my sister and I, so I submitted one of those episodes.” The actor was very comfortable with his on-and-off contract with the show, sharing that a contract doesn’t really mean anything as it’s all about the material. He was quick to point out he was not on contract for this storyline, and it scored him an Emmy. “I was really happy to have a good storyline that I could sink my teeth into.”

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Julie Berman (Lulu, GH) confessed that Vegas added a lot to her experience this year, as it offers a lot of distractions. “I didn’t really think about it until they announced the category,” she shared. Berman had the perks of already having this down pat once. Speaking about why she chose the reel she did, “The honest answer is I didn’t have anything else,” before sharing she was also really proud of the work and that she knew after it was filmed it would be her Emmy reel.  “This is surreal!” she exclaimed about her second Emmy win.

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Cash Cab host Ben Bailey shared that he had to wear sneakers to do an injury. “It’s not a fashion statement,” said the Emmy winner. When asked about what he is going to do with his Emmy, Bailey said, “This is my new hood ornament!”

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Michael Park was in tears as he came into the press room, but was quick to thank costar Terri Colombino (Katie, ATWT). “My sister passed away from leukemia when she was fourteen,” Park said of the emotion he tapped into for the scenes surrounding his Emmy submission where his on screen brother, Austin Peck’s Brad, dies. “Each day knowing sooner or later the inevitable was going to happen and you were going to have to say goodbye… it was killing me inside,” Park said about ATWT ending. When asked about where he will put his Emmy, fighting back tears he shared, “I don’t know. I may give it to my grandmother. She watched the show for fifty-three years.” Still in shock, Park said, “I can’t believe this! I can’t believe how emotional I am.” And he was. We all were in the press room watching this great moment unfold for him.

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2-time Emmy winner Maura West quickly shared, “I didn’t say my husband’s name and anyone who knows how I feel about Scott, and I feel like crap. Michael winning was enough for me.” Of her own Emmy submission she said, “Interestingly that was the way to get me out. That was literally my last day of work, I was eight and a half months pregnant, and that was a long, hard day for a very pregnant woman!” West also thanked her costars, Hunt Block (ex-Craig, ATWT), Cady McClain (ex-Rosanna, ATWT), Mick Hazen (Parker, ATWT), Michael Park & Julie Pinson.

West also commented on her acting style saying, “I am not a method actor. I am old school acting. It really is just acting, that’s my skill and that’s why I do.” West also revealed that she is taking a break for a few months now that World Turns has wrapped. She’ll move to Los Angeles in August. Before leaving the stage, she made it clear that her loyalty lies with CBS as far as soaps go and got a bit emotional when speaking about how her life has changed over the years on As The World Turns, where she met her husband, had her kids, and lost friends and costars like Ben Hendrickson (ex-Hal, ATWT).

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“You make choices,” said Outstanding Supporting Actor winner Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R) about his craft when he came into the press room. “I get to work with great actors,” he shared about his costars. He was very grateful to Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R), who he said is like an older brother and thanked CBS & the Bell family. He said that he felt privileged and lucky that the show trusted him with an episode like the themed It’s a Wonderful Life episode that the show put on this past New Year’s Eve.

The GH Directing Team attributed their success to “Not getting lost in the chaos of all the details.” This is the 6th win and 17th nomination for General Hospital in this category. “Making sure we hit the right notes that we need to hit,” is one of the challenging aspects of their show, adding, “Jill Farren Phelps gives us the reins to tell a great story and do it as visually as we can.” They also raved about their actors and writers and that doing big events doesn’t scare them or make them feel like they have to top the previous one. Shifting over to James Franco’s return they shared, “It’s a mad, mad world,” before teasing, “There will be some surprises. Things are not as they seem to be.” How coy.

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The legendary Agnes Nixon shared her biggest accomplishment in life had nothing to do with daytime; “My four children and eleven grandchildren [are].” Speaking about soaps, she shared that AMC power couple Jesse & Angie, played by Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan, are one of her favorites. She also spoke out about AMC‘s tackling of social issue stories over the years like homosexuality and other stories has been very gratifying. When asked about her current level of involvement with the show, Nixon said, “I am there in an advisory capacity.”

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“This was an incredible story that came to life,” gushed The Bold and the Beautiful‘s executive producer Brad Bell about the writing of the dying with dignity story with Betty White’s character, Ann. “It’s fabulous, so much fun, we are going to have a great time at our party tonight,” Bell shared before joking, “Back-to-back, it’s like the Lakers!” Bell revealed, “This year we are really throwing caution into the wind and we got some great shockers in the fall.” When asked what it felt like to win the Emmy, Bell admitted, “I did feel my dad’s presence in the room.”

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