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GH Previews: Week of August 9


GH Previews: Week of August 9

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo returns as Brenda Barrett. Sonny & Brenda can’t stop thinking about their past.

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Sonny tries to push his former flame Brenda out of his mind after mistaking Claire for Brenda on the docks and planting a kiss on her. Claire asks Sonny if he has ever truly given his heart to a woman. Sonny is lost in his thoughts of Brenda. Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo returns to the role of Brenda Barrett as the supermodel/philanthropist is in dangerous territory with the Russian mob. Brenda remains committed to the Alliance to Save Exploited Children and uses her fame to gain exposure for the cause. Sonny admits to Mike that he can’t stop thinking about Brenda. In Rome, Brenda is haunted by thoughts of her past with Sonny. International movie star Murphy Sinclair (played by Brad Rowe) whisks Brenda away for a night on the town. Sonny makes the decision to test Claire’s loyalty, asking her to get Jason released from prison.  Claire conjures a legal loophole permitting for Jason’s release.


Once again, Johnny accuses Dante of compromising himself to protect Sonny by allowing Johnny to be framed for the murder of mob rival Tomas Lopez. When Olivia learns of Johnny’s arrest, she begs him to give up his vendetta against Sonny. Johnny crosses paths with Judge Carroll and tells him about the supposed Lopez framing.  Johnny also informs the Judge that federal prosecutor Claire Walsh has crossed enemy lines.  Judge Carroll swears he’ll have Claire’s career and her head on a platter if Johnny’s allegations are true. Ethan bails Johnny out of jail. Johnny shares his plans to get back at Sonny. Michael attempts to strike a deal of peace with Johnny in person, but comes under a shower of gunfire from a Lopez drive-by shooting. Johnny sets his sights on taking Sonny out for good.


Elizabeth takes on Shirley’s snarky daughter Marny. Brook purposefully gets herself drenched in the rain and arrives shivering at Dante’s. After Claire leaves, Sonny’s thoughts drift to Brenda. Lisa threatens Steve with sexual harassment. Lucky confesses to Maxie that he wishes Aiden was his child. Playing the part of caring cousin, Carly tells Lulu that Dante cannot be trusted because he is Sonny’s son. An overprotective Alexis does not want to leave Kristina alone with her new study partner Taylor. Patrick finds his ex has moved in on his wife’s territory, quite literally, when Robin is out of town. Ethan kisses Maya, while Lucky and Maxie share a kiss themselves. Maxie helps Patrick drive Lisa out of his home.


After appealing to Karen’s motherly side, Lucky delivers the baby back to Elizabeth and Nikolas on Monday, August 9.

The ABC Daytime lineup is pre-empted on Tuesday, August 10 for the special “Brenda Barrett’s Men” marathon.

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo returns in the role of Brenda Barrett on Wednesday, August 11.

Dante and Lulu talk marriage on Thursday, August 12.

Michael saves Johnny from the drive-by shooting, forcing Dante, Johnny and Ethan all lie to the police to cover up the recent parolee’s involvement on Friday, August 13.


Lisa crosses the line. Matt and Maxie do some detective work of their own. Elizabeth decides to move to Wyndemere. Sam comes up with a plan to protect her man. Brenda turns down two proposals.

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