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ATWT Previews: Week of August 9


ATWT Previews: Week of August 9

Noah decides he’s moving to LA.

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Emily is appalled when she stumbles upon Iris drinking in the Fairwinds wine cellar. Iris believes that she has been caught and that Emily has been to see Barbara. But when they talk to Gwen it becomes clear that Emily still has no idea about Iris’s scheme. Gwen is mostly upset that Iris is drinking again, and Iris uses this to gain sympathy from her daughter. Gwen then blames her mother’s relapse on Emily. Iris leaves for Barbara’s room where she writes out a large cheque for herself. Later, Emily finds Barbara bound and gagged in the wine cellar. Iris walks in on Emily trying to free Barbara, but Iris knocks her out. After coming to, Emily is tied up with Barbara and she tells her of everything that’s happened since Barbara disappeared. Barbara’s faith is renewed, and she is now even more determined to get back to Henry.

Chris’s test results come back positive for a serious condition. Luke and Reid go to Metro to celebrate after a successful meeting. While there they run into Alison, who agrees that Noah was a big part of Luke’s life and Reid needs to accept that. She tells Luke that Noah is moving to L.A. in September. Reid encourages Katie to be patient with Chris. Henry finds a note from Barbara in the warehouse, validating his worry. Holden tells Lily that he will always come to her rescue, no matter what. He warns her to stay away from Craig. Craig accuses Blackthorn of wanting to hurt Johnny, despite his claims otherwise. Carly learns from Lily that there’s no perfume factory and that Craig is their silent partner. Janet catches Lucy and Dusty embracing.

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