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B&B/Y&R News & Previews – August 29 Edition


B&B/Y&R News & Previews Round Up - August 29 Edition

News and teasers round up for “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless — August 29 Edition.

Below you’ll find a round up of recent news and some teasers for The Bold and the Beautiful & The Young and the Restless.

B&B News:

TMZ and Daytime Confidential are reporting that B&B’s Hunter Tylo (Taylor) is being sued. Allegedly, the actress owes money to her lawyer, manager Marv Dauer, and security firm The Centurion group for past work that was done for her. Dauer alleges Tylo owes him $250,000.

B&B Previews:

Bridget goes into labor while alone with Owen and he will deliver the baby. The birth of their child will cause Bridget and Owen to become closer. Jackie will also feel a connection to the baby, which will irk Bridget.

Thorne will be proven to be Liam’s father after a DNA test is performed. This will be a great relief to Dollar Bill, who considers Liam to be a “weasel.”

Y&R Previews:

Y&R will air a special “women’s only” episode featuring Phyllis, Sharon, Victoria, Abby, Ashley, Chloe, Heather, Jill and Lauren.

Phyllis tells Sharon about Nick kissing the blond damsel in distress at the bar.

People are shocked to learn the blogger behind “The Real Homewreckers of Genoa City” is Phyllis!

Skye makes a deal with Jack, against Adam’s wishes. Skye tells Adam to drop the suit against the Abbotts or she will confess all to them as well. Ashley confronts Adam about the lawsuit.

Kevin serves Jana with divorce papers after she begs him for another chance. Chloe and Kevin share a moment of laughter while Jana looks on.

Victor sees Billy’s tattoos and instead of getting angry, he laughs. Later, a tattoo artist shows up at the trailer to finish the job and announces that Mr. Newman sent him. Jack tells Victor that Victoria and Billy bought a house together. Victoria is put off by Victor’s nonchalant attitude towards the move.

Ashley fumes when she learns that Skye forged Dr. Taylor’s diary. She confronts her and Adam and threatens to take everything away from him, as he did to her.

Nikki craves a drink, but isn’t sure why. Meggie gives her a smoothie mixed with vodka.

Jill demands to have a Fenmore office and moves into Lauren’s.

Chloe’s feelings for Ronan become apparent to Heather. What will she do with the information?

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