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OLTL Previews: Week of September 13


OLTL Previews: Week of September 13

As Tea’s memorial service draws to a close, tensions between Todd and Ross mount.

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Natalie is shocked to learn John suspects that Eli lives.  Greg comes face-to-face with Eli in Tea’s room at the hospice.  Eli describes how he faked his death and then further explains why he wants to have plastic surgery to look like Ross. When Ross shows up on Todd’s doorstep unexpectedly, Todd and Dani want to know how he was involved in Eli’s schemes.  Ross swears his innocence, but admits he sent Dani the cryptic message and he’s returned to claim his daughter.  Todd is shocked when Ross presents Tea’s will naming Ross as Dani’s guardian.  Natalie and John search Eli’s room at the Palace for a DNA sample to compare to the body in Tahiti.   John is summoned to apprehend Ross, and informs him Tea’s will must be probated.  John has one of his officers tail Ross.  Natalie discovers DNA evidence but Eli’s body goes missing.  As Tea’s memorial service draws to a close, tensions between Todd and Ross mount.  Eli records Todd’s offer of a bribe, followed by his threat to kill Ross.  Eli pressures Greg to return to the hospice.


Kelly hires Rex to find David Vickers and Gigi is suspicious of her motives.  Cris wants to get married right away, but Layla convinces him they can make their relationship work long distance.  Clint regales Inez of the Buchanan history and Nora’s role in particular.  Although Jessica fears Brody’s feelings for her may have changed, he convinces her that his love remains steadfast.  Langston makes Ford believe she’s giving him a second chance, but then she catches their kiss on camera and forwards it to the Dean, resulting in Ford’s dismissal.  The Cramer girls rally around Dorian.  James reassures Cole that he intends to back away from Starr.


Cristian is about to turn down the grant and artist-in-residence position at Llanview U. but Layla stops him on Monday, September 13.

Ross confirms that he sent the mystery text to Dani, claiming that he was coming for her on Tuesday, September 14.

Eli explains why he wants Greg to alter his face to become Ross on Wednesday, September 15.

Dorian slugs Kelly on Thursday, September 16.

Natalie and John discover that Eli’s body has disappeared on Friday, September 17.

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