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AMC Previews: Week of September 13


AMC Previews: Week of September 6

Asher does JR’s bidding; Liza continues her investigation into David’s murder.

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Asher gets into Wildwind and downloads a copy of Caleb’s schedule, which he later gives to JR. JR questions Asher as to why there are no records of him. JR’s plans to take Scott down begin, which doesn’t make Marissa happy. Annie declares it’s time to play hardball, where JR is concerned. Annie sets up a meeting between her, Scott and Caleb. Marissa reaffirms her allegiance to Caleb, which means pitting her against JR. Caleb offers Scott a partnership. Annie questions JR’s motives.


Krystal is happy with the way things have been going between her and Caleb.  Krystal questions where things stand between Caleb and Erica. Tad grills Caleb on his time spent with Krystal.  Asher gains access to Caleb’s computer. Marissa shares her concerns with Krystal. AJ runs off after hearing Marissa and JR fight.

Liza decides to use Colby’s confession about the fight she witnessed in court.  Madison suggests she knows who was responsible the murder and Liza has an idea as well. One witness wants the cops to question him/her in the hopes he/she can remember some of what happened the night of the murder.  Kendall ponders with the idea of framing someone to save a loved one.


Kendall fears Zach will be upset when he finds out she’s facing criminal charges on Monday, September 13th

Angie’s loved ones gather to lend their support on Tuesday, September 14th

Bianca and Amanda have a heart to heart on Wednesday, September 15th

JR tries to hide something from Marissa regarding AJ on Thursday, September 16th

Scott gets a tempting offer on Friday, September 17th


People are beginning to realize who the murderer may be. What is contained in a secret drawer? Tad asks Liza to help push up Kendall’s court date. Jesse is amazed at what he sees.

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