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ATWT Previews: The Final Week


ATWT Previews: The Final Week

The final week of As the World Turns is here. How will it all end?

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Parker and Sage see that their parents are happy together, and believe that it’s a sign that they’ll remarry. Sage wants to try and push them in that direction but Parker thinks that they shouldn’t risk ruining their happiness by getting remarried. Sage leaves a picture taken at one of their earlier marriages on the couch, where Jack finds it. Together, he and Carly talk about their past. Jack is ready to propose officially, but he is interrupted by a phone call. Janet is having contractions. After a visit to the hospital, Carly and Jack come home and pick up where they left off. Jack asks Carly to marry him and she accepts. On Carly and Jack’s wedding day, Gwen brings Rosanna, hoping that she can help calm Carly’s nerves. The sisters reconcile and Carly is left alone to collect herself. She goes to the pond but accidentally drops the compass that Jack gave her. Jack reassures her that they no longer need the compass to be able to find each other. Jack and Carly prepare for their wedding, surrounded by family members and love.

John tests Dusty’s DNA and reveals who is the father of Janet’s baby. Liberty gets into F.I.T. and is reluctant to go until Faith encourages her to pursue her dreams. Craig attends Carly and Jack’s wedding. Lily and Holden bond over their family.

Episode 13,858, the final episode will air Friday, September 17.

NOTE: We will feature a more detailed synopsis once the finale airs to recap the final week of As the World Turns. We would like to leave some surprises in there for those who just like to be teased.

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