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AMC Previews: Week of September 6


AMC Previews: Week of September 6

A murder mystery begins to unfold in Pine Valley….

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Pine Valley freaks out when a resident collapses in front of Caleb and is pronounced dead. Jake isn’t completely sure that murder was involved. Jake brings the body in for an autopsy. Caleb is personally affected watching someone in particular, grieve.  Madison goes to the police station and demands answers. Acting as interim DA, Liza informs the mayor that if there was foul play, she will definitely prosecute. Liza’s new job isn’t winning her any fans in Pine Valley, but she insists that she’s just doing her job. Colby confesses to her mother and Liza insists she must use it as evidence.


Asher advises Colby not to tell the police the fight they witnessed.  JR wonders why Asher’s in a rush to leave when the cops show up.  Scott gives JR a warning.  Annie pays JR a visit.  Someone is arrested.


Encore Episode on Monday, September 6th

Liza gives the mayor of Pine Valley a warning on Tuesday, September 7th

Ryan is worried about Greenlee on Wednesday, September 8th

Liza doesn’t accept the deal of the presumed murderer on Thursday, September 8th

Jesse and Liza are pointing fingers at a particular Pine Valley resident on Friday, September 9th


The autopsy results reveal the cause of death. A doctors job at the hospital is in jeopardy. Residents of Pine Valley attend a funeral. Tad agrees to investigate the guilty part. Love is revealed in an unlikely situation.

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