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ATWT Previews: Week of September 6


ATWT Previews: Week of September 6

Reid’s attempt to help Chris results in a tragic accident.

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Everyone is overjoyed when Luke tells the Hughes’ that Reid is on his way to Bay City to negotiate a heart for Chris. Margo and Tom, however, arrive at the hospital with the terrible news that Reid has been involved in an accident. His condition is critical and it is unlikely that he will survive his injuries. Reid turns over his power of attorney to Luke. He hopes that his heart will be a match for Chris. Reid passes away after a last touching scene with Luke. Everyone is tense throughout Chris’s surgery but Reid’s heart is transplanted without complication. Alison is worried about Luke, and finds Noah at Java. Noah is saddened to learn of Reid’s death and goes to comfort a emotionally distraught Luke at the pond. When Chris comes to, he asks to see Reid. John wants to keep Reid’s death a secret from Chris until he can better handle the stress. After Chris overhears some board members talking about the hospital’s recent loss, he asks Katie whose heart he has.

Lucinda licks her wounds at the Lakeview bar after Lily shoots down her attempts at reconnecting. John tries to shake some sense into Lucinda after he sees her sulking. Lily and Holden try to help Luke cope with his loss and discover that Reid has an uncle living in New York.


It’s the final week of the history making, groundbreaking series that has turned unknowns into stars. Join us as we say goodbye to the wonderful citizens of Oakdale. Janet prepares to give birth. Carly shares incredible news with Jack. With Lily’s prodding, Molly and Holden make up. Luke & Noah reminice about their past at the place they met — WOAK. Bob & Kim discuss their future.

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