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GH Previews: Week of November 1


Robin finds herself in danger yet again when the Scorpio home catches fire!

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Robin believes Lisa dressed up in the same witch’s costume Robin was wearing and purposely stashed Emma away to scare Robin. Later, Patrick confronts Lisa when he sees a witch’s hat near her locker. Lisa plays innocent, and Patrick realizes the hat does not belong to Lisa. Patrick is forced to eat his words and apologize to Lisa. Unbeknownst to Patrick, Lisa has stashed a witch’s costume in her locker. Matt counsels Patrick to do whatever it takes to give his marriage a shot.

Robin hosts Emma’s 2nd birthday party at the Scorpio house. Robin and Emma are in danger when a lit birthday candle falls to the floor. As Robin sings Emma to sleep and Patrick is in surgery, the house Robin’s parents gave her catches on fire. Robin begins to smell smoke, but slips on the stairs and is knocked unconscious. Back at the hospital, Elizabeth jumps to Robin’s defense with Lisa. Lisa arrives upon the scene and finds the Scorpio home ablaze. Lisa manages to save Robin from the fire, but Robin sees red and accuses her of arson. Patrick is by Robin’s side as she is brought in to the hospital with severe burns. Lisa is questioned about the fire. Robin’s burns develop into an infection.


Brenda kills one of the Balkan’s henchmen. Jax stands up Carly. Nikolas and Elizabeth take their children trick-or-treating. Lucky receives an email photo of Siobhan tied to a chair. Sonny and Claire briefly rekindle their connection. Jason and Sam go over the clues they have on the Balkan. Sonny demands the truth from Claire. Brenda finally visits the Quartermaines. Dante confronts Sonny about Kristina. Steve’s surgery skills shine through and he reveals his difficult relationship with his dad. Luke moves into the Quartermaine mansion. Sonny bears his soul to Brenda. Brenda agrees to be Balkan bait. Claire schools Sonny on how to get the evidence thrown out. Brook Lynn gives thanks to Nikolas.


Siobhan is abducted by the Balkan’s henchmen on Monday, November 1st.

Ronnie gives Claire the evidence she needs to prove Sonny was behind the car bomb and Claire takes the information right to her superiors on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Still feigning a heart attack, Luke makes the case that he should live at the Quartermaine mansion on Wednesday, November 3rd.

Robin’s marriage isn’t the only thing up in flames when the Scorpio catches on fire on Thursday, November 4th.

Kristina confronts Michael for deceiving her when she finds out the truth about the car bomb on Friday, November 5th.


Carly pushes Spinelli for more information about Brenda’s time away from Port Charles. Lisa makes a compelling argument to Nikolas proclaiming her innocence. Brenda tells Jason the truth. Luke, Tracy, Ethan and Maya wake up in a Vegas hotel with no memory of the prior evening. Patrick tries to comfort Robin after the fire. Sonny breaks up with Claire again.

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