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OLTL Previews: Week of November 1


Watch out Natalie! Marty’s on the warpath.

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Starr and Cole are reunited, and Cole admits he murdered Eli.  Marty is stunned to learn of Hannah’s misdeeds.  Blair is furious to learn that Marty was responsible for Hannah remaining free to terrorize Starr.  As John is coming close to putting the pieces together about Eli’s murder, Natalie turns over the evidence she’s been holding.  After John tells Marty he has to bring Cole in, an enraged Marty turns on Natalie, vowing revenge.  John looks for Cole at the apartment he shares with Starr, but James and Starr stonewall him.  Marty waits for Cole to be brought into the police station, lashing out at Natalie again.  John brings James to the police station for questioning, but James continues to cover for Cole.  Natalie tells Brody how angry Marty is with her.  Brody tells Natalie that Jessica is having the paternity test, and later, Natalie calls Brody to tell him that she has also decided to have a paternity test.  Marty learns Natalie had a paternity test.  Starr tries to persuade Cole to run away with her and Hope, but he insists on turning himself in to the police.


Dorian cautions Clint to be watchful of Echo.  Viki and Rex confront Echo about the necklace.  Echo wants more information from Roxy about Rex’s birth, and his childhood.  Echo makes a date to tell Clint something important.  A grateful Todd prepares to bring Tea and Dani home. Todd wants to host a party to celebrate that Tea is alive.  Destiny tells Matthew that Greg is her father.  Shaun and Greg talk about Destiny’s mother.  Cristian plans a trip to Paris, and Gigi is going along as his assistant.  Ford expresses concern about the baby to Jessica and Brody.  Ford and James are surprised to see their dad in Llanview.


Marty slaps Natalie and vows revenge and Starr, Hope and Cole share an emotional reunion on Monday, November 1.

Todd prepares to take Tea and Dani home and Dani and Tea come face to face with Greg on Tuesday, November 2.

James lies to John about Cole’s whereabouts and sends the cops on a wild goose chase on Wednesday, November 3.

Todd and Tea make love and Todd wants to have a party to celebrate the fact that Tea is alive on Thursday, November 4.

Echo makes a confession about Rex. Starr is ripped apart as Cole is taken off to jail for the murder of Eli Clarke. Marty continues to blame Natalie for taking her son from her on Friday, November 5.

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