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AMC Previews: Week of November 1


Greenlee faces tough questions from Liza and Jackson and makes an honest admission.

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Jackson confesses to Erica that he’s worried about calling Greenlee to the stand.  Greenlee denies Madison’s accusation that she got exactly what she wanted when Madison ended things with Ryan.  Ryan tells Zach that if he’d killed David, he’d never let Greenlee take the fall for him.  Erica scolds Greenlee for not appreciating all her father has done for her.  Greenlee testifies and Liza cross examines her about kissing Ryan. Greenlee breaks down on the witness stand when Liza presses her about her feelings for David. Jackson forces Greenlee to admit that she wasn’t in love with David but she denies killing him. When Tad tells Greenlee and Ryan that payments made to Nick Pearson were traced back to David, they surmise that David framed Ryan for his murder.


When AJ goes missing, Krystal and Caleb immediately suspect JR.  Erica discovers that Asher is Caleb’s son. When she informs Caleb, Caleb reacts in a surprising way.  Caleb tells Erica that he hasn’t seen Asher since birth and didn’t even know his name.  Annie discovers JR in handcuffs.  She frees him, returns AJ to Marissa and tells her that AJ has been with her.  JR taunts Caleb about not being able to acknowledge Asher as his son.  Jesse and Angie get great news when they learn the results of their amniocentesis.  Jake turns down an opportunity with Doctors Without Borders, and reveals his ex-wife Carolyn was behind the offer. Zach’s partner accepts the deal.  Colby sits vigil by Asher’s bedside when he takes a fall. When he regains consciousness, she tells him Caleb knows he is Asher’s father.


Erica accidentally knocks over a file and finds evidence proving Asher is Caleb’s son on Monday, November 1.

JR claims he’s been awarded temporary custody of AJ.  Erica tells Caleb that Asher is his son on Tuesday, November 2.

Colby sits by Asher’s bedside and winds up defending his actions on Wednesday, November 3.

Jesse and Angie learn the amnio went well and their baby is healthy on Thursday, November 4.

Ryan concludes David tried to set him up for murder and must search for evidence against Nick Pearson on Friday, November 5.


Passions burn bright between Ryan and Greenlee, and tension increases between JR, Caleb and Asher.

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