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A 'Brothers & Sisters' Return for Balthazar Getty


Balthazar Getty is returning to ‘Brothers & Sisters.’

The Walker Family’s Black Sheep Returns

It looks like Balthazar Getty will be returning once again to ABC’s Brothers & Sisters. According to E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos, AWOL sibling Tommy Walker will return for the series’ 100th episode and he won’t be alone. Reports are Tommy will be accompanied by a new girlfriend.

Getty left the show in 2009 after a highly publicized real-life drama: the collapse of his marriage amid a tabloid-fuelled relationship with Sienna Miller. While the official reason for his departure cited storyline and budget constraints, unconfirmed rumors abounded his off-screen issues alienated him from fellow cast members.  Getty has since reconciled with his wife, Rosetta.

Look for his return to the series in January, 2011.

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