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GH Previews: Week of October 11


GH Previews: Week of October 11

Carly wants to be rid of Brenda and plans to take drastic action….

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Sonny introduces Brenda to his son Dante, who tells Brenda he is investigating Sonny for the car bomb in Johnny’s car months prior. Carly wants to be rid of Brenda and goes to Jason for support.  Maxie too wants Brenda gone because of Spinelli. Robin tries to convince Jax not to come in between Brenda and Sonny, but Jax insists he must protect Brenda from harm. Brenda maintains to Sonny that they can never be together, but Sonny isn’t buying what Brenda is selling. Robin calls Jax out on still wanting to have his cake and eat it too. Carly vows to Jason that she will never let Brenda have Jax. Diane attempts to see Brenda, but is waylaid by Spinelli, Max and Milo’s shenanigans. Worried that Spinelli is setting himself up for a fall, Maxie takes matters into her own hands. Brenda thwarts Maxie’s plans when she purposefully plants a kiss on Spinelli’s cheek. At Brenda’s request, Jason tells Sonny to leave her alone. Sonny confides in Jason that he still loves Brenda. Brenda seeks Jax’s help to stay away from Sonny.


After they share a passionate kiss, Siobhan sucker punches Lucky, who gets no help from Luke. Lucky, as Ronan, is summoned by the Balkan and is assigned to kidnap one Brenda Barrett. Siobhan is caught hiding, but “Ronan” makes it clear she is his partner in crime before the Balkan’s men can kill her.  Lucky decides Siobhan must go to Rome with him. After Lucky is injured by unaware Interpol in Rome, the two are brought closer together as Siobhan tends to his wounds. Maya walks into the Haunted Star and witnesses Ethan getting roughed up by Johnny’s men wanting information on Luke’s connection to Ronan O’Reilly. Maya gets rid of the thugs but Ethan is left wondering why he got beat up by Johnny’s men. Later, Maya and Robin realize they have more in common than they think when they have a heart-to-heart about bad boys and matters of love. Jason questions Brenda about what secret is she hiding regarding the Balkan. Johnny realizes the men he loaned out to a local gang were actually doing work for the Balkan.  Ethan capitalizes on the opportunity to use Johnny’s penthouse to woo Maya.


Claire threatens Michael’s parole when she finds him in Sonny’s office. Mac throws Robin a surprise birthday party. Elizabeth returns. Patrick decides to fight for his marriage and he shows up with the present for Robin’s birthday and they share a bittersweet moment.  Elizabeth learns about Brook Lynn and Nikolas’s business arrangement. Claire gives Jason an ultimatum to testify against Sonny or she’ll send Michael back to prison. Robin decides to return to work. Sonny does damage control with Claire and calls her bluff. Elizabeth returns to work at the hospital to hear the watercooler talk about Patrick & Lisa’s affair. Dante’s badge is on the line when the Mayor questions his loyalty. Luke returns to town and a pleased Tracy plays hard to get. Robin bravely faces the questioning faces of her peers at the hospital and stays aloof but professional around Patrick. Carly tries to convince Sonny to continue his relationship with Claire for Michael’s sake, but Sonny refuses. Tracy agrees to reconciliation with Luke if he repays her the $10 million. Robin gets a big shock when Lisa returns. Robin is livid and plays into Lisa’s hands by looking unbalanced, while Patrick continues to support Robin. Both Maxie and Maya advise Robin to play it cool and not to let Lisa win. Brook Lynn counsels Nikolas about his love life.


Jax agrees to never see Brenda again if Carly can make a similar sacrifice on Monday, October 11th.

Patrick realizes it’s Robin’s birthday when a present he ordered months back arrives on Tuesday, October 12th.

Elizabeth and Nikolas talk about their relationship on Wednesday, October 13th.

As a distraction, Carly tries to send Johnny into Brenda’s arms on Thursday, October 14th.

Lisa shocks the hospital when she returns to work certified sane on Friday, October 15th.


Luke asks Carly for a favor. Brenda calls Robin and begs her to help keep Sonny away. Sam refuses to have sex with Jason. Lisa continues to work Robin. Ethan comes up with a plan to get Luke back on Tracy’s good side. Lucky gets a special order regarding Siobhan. Carly kisses Jason passionately.

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