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B&B Previews: Week of October 11


B&B Previews: Week of October 11

Stephanie refuses to accept treatment for her condition.


Brooke continues to urge Stephanie to get cancer treatment.

Ridge makes a huge announcement.

Stephanie gets a visit from Dr. Lewis.

Brooke tries to confess to Ridge, but he stops her.

Brooke “betrays” Stephanie and tells Taylor about Stephanie’s cancer.

Taylor and Brooke come together to help Stephanie. Stephanie once again refuses to get treatment.

Brooke and Stephanie share another almost pleasant moment.

Pam learns of Stephanie’s condition.

Stephanie goes on a mission to ask a homeless girl about a scarf.

Brooke makes nice with a homeless man.


Monday – Stephanie demands that the homeless girl returns the scarf. Stephanie shocks everyone at work by her lack of reaction to Brooke’s return. Nick and Amber admit that their kiss was a mistake. Whip questions Amber about her recent rise in the ranks.

Tuesday – Stephanie becomes reflective about her life and flashes back to memorable times. Dr. Lewis pays a visit to Stephanie. Brooke confides in Taylor about Stephanie’s cancer, then admits to Stephanie that she told someone about her illness.

Wednesday – Stephanie stands firm on her decision not to seek treatment, despite Taylor’s plea. Brooke and Taylor accompany Stephanie on an adventure. Bill tells Liam that his article on Steffy needs to be sexier. Oliver informs Hope that he wants her back.

Thursday – Taylor questions Dr. Lewis about Stephanie’s cancer and what possible treatments are available. Stephanie finds herself in a once familiar neighborhood and sees an old acquaintance. Brooke befriends a homeless man who teaches her a valuable life lesson.

Friday – Stephanie finds the homeless girl and insists on getting her scarf back. Pam confides in Taylor her ear of losing Stephanie. Brooke mistakenly offends her new friend. Stephanie learns more about the homeless girl and why the scarf means so much to her.

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