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OLTL Previews: Week of October 11


OLTL Previews: Week of October 11

Starr and Hope are targeted by Eli!

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Eli kidnaps Starr, Hope and Dani and makes tracks to Cherryvale Clinic to get medical supplies to treat his wound.  Dani enters the clinic to retrieve the supplies and finds Tea’s room.  Todd and John discover the dead babysitter and realize that Starr and Hope are missing.  Starr escapes and leaves a distress message with Hannah that she needs Cole to come and get her and Hope at the Cherryvale Clinic.  Langston and Markko interrupt Hannah, just as she’s about to tell Cole that she is hiding Starr and Hope in an attic.

Langston finds a toy that belongs to Hope and becomes suspicious.  Eli catches Tea trying to escape from Cherryvale, and locks her in his trunk.  When Dani returns with the supplies, Eli takes her to an abandoned warehouse and locks her in a room alone.  Dani thinks Starr and Hope are in the next room, but in reality it is Tea.  Eli demands $100 million dollars ransom from Todd.  Tea is crushed to learn that everyone thinks she is dead and there is no hope for rescue.  Dani frees herself and comes face-to-face with Tea.  Cole tries to persuade Bo to press charges against James for hiding Dani, and for putting Starr in danger.   Greg tells Natalie that Tea is alive.  Natalie and Price arrive at Cherryvale but Tea and the nurse who was caring for her have disappeared.


Viki shares her suspicions about Echo with Natalie and Rex.  When Inez doesn’t show up for an appointment with Clint, Echo lends a sympathetic ear.  Kelly helps Rex investigate Echo.  Markko and Ford show up to comfort Langston.  John and Natalie work together.  Mr. and Mrs. Evans hold vigil by Greg’s bed, and allude to a secret they’ve kept.  Jessica tells Clint and Viki that Ford may be the father of her child.


Todd and John find the dead babysitter and Starr, Dani and Hope missing on Monday, October 11.

Marty lets slip to Natalie that Greg came to see her not long ago, weighed down by remorse over something he’d done to Téa on Monday, October 12.

Jessica reveals to Clint and Viki that Ford could be the father of her baby. Echo pays Dorian a visit on Wednesday, October 13.

Natalie and Price go to Cherryvale Clinic together and discover the woman who was Greg’s patient is gone Thursday, October 14.

Hannah threatens Star and Hope with a gun. James Discovers that Hannah has his bullet necklace on Friday, October 15.

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