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AMC Previews: Week of October 11


AMC Previews: Week of October 11

Scott’s devious dealings are exposed.

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Scott walk in on JR and Annie fighting but is disinterested in their concerns that Erica knows they stole their idea from Palmer.  Scott secretly removes a gun from the safe.  Colby blames Annie for all her family’s problems, and Caleb serves JR with legal papers giving Marissa full custody of AJ until the case is resolved.  Scott admits to Caleb that he stole from Palmer.  Scott is taken into federal custody.  Natalia’s attempts to tell Brot how she feels are interrupted by the Fed’s arrival with Scott.  Caleb offers Jackson advice and agrees to follow Palmer’s wishes by managing the company side-by-side with Erica.  Jackson apologizes and expresses his gratitude to Caleb for saving Erica’s life.  Caleb and Erica agree to band together and strengthen the company.  Caleb admits to Opal that he welcomes the chance to start over.  Opal is disappointed by Scott’s betrayal.  Erica tries to persuade Scott to implicate JR.  Annie is concerned for Scott and goes to see him.  Ryan pushes Annie to be more available to Emma.  Scott advises Annie to separate herself from the Chandler family to protect Emma. Scott warns JR that if he goes after Annie he will lose custody of his son.  JR tries to persuade Marissa that Caleb is manipulating her.


Erica recruits Asher to assist in her efforts to get JR.  Kendall and Ryan do damage control over the bad press coverage from Greenlee’s trial.  Greenlee is furious when Ryan insists he must testify at her trial.  Kendall, Greenlee and Madison run the paparazzi gauntlet all the way to Kendall’s house where they are joined by Ryan, Amanda and Jake for a little vino and relaxation. Angie talks with Krystal and reconsiders the risks of amniocentesis.  Liza accepts Jackson’s apology.  Greenlee laments that David did not live up to being the man she knew he could be.  Jackson and Liza make their opening statements.  Jake and Jesse testify.


Scott admits to Caleb with Annie and JR in the room, that they stole from Palmer on Monday, October 11.

Colby makes it clear to Liza that just because she hired Damon doesn’t mean she can come back into her life on Tuesday, October 12.

Tad introduces Ryan to a Nick Pearson who claims to have seen Ryan running out of the hotel room the day David died on Wednesday, October 13.

Caleb confides in Opal that he feels taking over Palmer’s company and assuming his last name has given him a second chance at becoming a new man on Thursday, October 14.

When she won’t listen to reason, Ryan kisses Greenlee to shut her up on Friday, October 15.


Will Erica defend Greenlee when she takes the stand? Colby is shocked at Scott’s actions. Asher gives JR a damaging information about Caleb. Annie realizes she has to get her life together for her daughter. Zach Slater returns to Pine Valley.

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