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OLTL Previews: Week of October 4


OLTL Previews: Week of October 4

Todd and Eli face off this week on One Life to Live.

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Blair thinks Todd is losing it when he claims E-Tea phoned home. Ross arrives to take Dani, but she’s flown the coop. John finds Greg close to death. While looking for Dani at the docks, Ross runs into Eli. John tells Greg’s mom about his connection to Eli.  Todd tells Blair, Kelly and Dorian that Eli isn’t dead.  Eli confirms that Dani is essential to his plans, just before he shoots Ross and dumps him into the river.  Eli and Todd, both armed, have a stand-off at the river.  Todd shoots Eli, but he manages to escape.  Dani shows up in time to see Todd pulling Ross from the river.  Starr returns home to find Eli waiting.  Dani refuses to believe Todd when he insists that Eli shot Ross, and she runs from him. John shows up, and believes Todd’s story.  Dani runs to Starr and straight into Eli’s snare. Greg opens his eyes and speaks one word.


James is hiding Dani.  He swears Ford to secrecy.  Starr acts as a go between with Dani and Nate, and Cole walks out.  Brody tells Ford that Jessica has been put on bed rest and makes him swear to stay away from her.  Charlie and Viki are surprised when Echo arrives.  Charlie confronts Echo, who swears she’s not out to hurt Viki.  Echo claims she just wants a job at The Banner.  Marty wonders what Brody is keeping secret.  Brody tells Natalie he’s seeking Marty’s counsel.  When Inez tells Ford about Clint’s offer to help him, Ford is suspicious and goes to see Clint.  Greg’s family gathers to sit vigil.  Cole and Hannah kiss.


Viki is suspicious of Echo’s reasons for showing up on Monday, October 4.

Jessica learns she has high blood pressure due to stress on Tuesday, October 5.

James begs Ford not to tell Brody he’s hiding Dani on Wednesday, October 6.

Todd finds Eli at the docks and they have a stand-off with guns on Thursday, October 7

Dani shows up at Starr’s door and walks right into Eli’s clutches on Friday, October 8.

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