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B&B Previews: Week of October 18


B&B Previews: Week of October 18

Amber has plans to put her career and love life into overdrive.


Stephanie opens up to Brooke.

Felicia returns to town.

Whip and Aggie come up with a plan to help Oliver win back Hope.

Aggie and Amber declare war over Nick.

Dr. Lewis informs the family of Stephanie’s prognosis as she heads into surgery.

Amber uses Oliver to her own advantage.

Brooke and Thomas working together is a point of concern for Taylor.

Amber devises a plan to uncover some new designs for Jackie M.


Monday – Stephanie checks herself into the hospital and demands immediate attention to treat her disease. Eric, Ridge and Thorn are surprised to learn who was behind an anonymous message they received. Taylor and Pam tell the family about Stephanie’s cancer.

Tuesday – Stephanie awakens to her family at her bedside. Brooke introduces Dayzee to the Forresters. Stephanie informs her family that she wants to help the homeless. Amber attempts to seduce Nick. Whip and Aggie help Oliver strategize about how to win Hope back.

Wednesday – Aggie stakes her claim on Nick and warms Amber to stay away. Ridge shows his appreciation to Brooke for supporting Stephanie during her cancer. Thomas approaches Ridge and Brooke about creating a men’s line. Amber goes out of her way to meet Oliver.

Thursday – Amber fakes an injury to get Oliver’s attention and flatters him with compliments. Stephanie is impatient to recover so that she can get to work on her new project. Dayzee tells Taylor, Liam and Hope of her history and how she met Stephanie.

Friday – Amber confronts Aggie about badmouthing her to Nick and reassures Nick about her work quality. Thomas shows Ridge and Brooke sketches for his proposed men’s line. Amber helps Oliver make Hope jealous.

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