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OLTL Previews: Week of November 15


Natalie learns from her doctor that Marty stole her amnio records.

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Echo confesses publicly that she is Rex’s mother at Todd and Tea’s party. Rex demands to know who his father is and Echo, Charlie and Clint plan to test their DNA. Dorian is convinced that Clint is Rex’s father and tries to find evidence to prove it. Dorian sets off an alarm when she breaks into Clint’s desk, and Matthew discovers her. At the clinic, Charlie and Echo become closer over Rex. Echo, Charlie and Clint have their DNA tested. Dorian and Viki ascertain that Clint is responsible for forging the Rick/Lilli letters and sending Rex to New Mexico. Clint gains access to the DNA lab where the tests were conducted and gives one of his employees a couple of assignments. Viki confronts Clint. Echo nearly confesses to Charlie that Clint is Rex’s father. Viki gives Echo the other half of the necklace. Meanwhile, Marty’s wrath continues when she goes to see Jessica planning to tell her that she’s discovered Natalie had a paternity test to determine if Brody could be the father of her baby. Marty considers showing Brody’s psychiatric records to Jessica. Natalie learns from her doctor that Marty stole her amnio records. Marty pretends to be Natalie and calls the DNA lab. When Brody learns that Marty is threatening to reveal his potential paternity of Natalie’s baby, he warns her that he will have her fired if she violates his patient confidentiality. Brody tells Natalie he thinks he’s thwarted Marty. Viki, Charlie, Clint and Echo join Rex to lean the results of the DNA test. Jessica and Brody open their test results. Natalie opens her test results.


Todd shows up to see Greg’s sentencing. Destiny learns the story about Greg’s role in her mother’s death. Destiny seeks a divorce from her parents. Kelly leaves a string of embarrassing drunk dial messages for Joey. She heads to London to tell Joey personally how she feels and encounters Kevin. Rex and Gigi make love. Langston admits to Blair that she and Ford are in a relationship. Blair flirts with Ford while he’s on a date with Langston. Langston tells Ford their future doesn’t include sex. Bo tells Eddie to get out of town. Nora and Inez fight. Todd wants Marty to sign legal papers relinquishing her grand-parental rights to Hope.


Echo admits before Rex and the rest of the party guests that she is Rex’s biological mother on Monday, November 15.

Dorian accuses Clint of being Rex’s father and tries to break into his secret drawer to procure the proof on Tuesday, November 16.

Bo walks in on a fight between Inez and Nora. Inez accepts a necklace from Clint on Wednesday, November 17.

Kelly arrives in London to tell Joey in person how she feels about him and encounters Kevin instead on Thursday, November 18.

Viki, Charlie, Clint and Echo join Rex to find out who his father is. Jessica and Brody open the results of their baby’s DNA test. Natalie opens the results of her baby’s DNA test on Friday, November 19.

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