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AMC Previews: Week of November 15


Ryan and Greenlee continue to search for evidence that will prove her innocence.

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Greenlee’s murder trial remains front and center this week, as Greenlee and Ryan continue to search for evidence that will prove her innocence. Ryan tells Greenlee they’ll never be a part again. Greenlee and Ryan find time for tender lovemaking. Liza informs Tad that she is confident the jury will return with a guilty verdict. Opal unleashes on Liza, telling her that she’s exploiting two innocent people to further her career. Opal experiences chest pains and is rushed to the hospital. While Krystal provides emotional support to a worried Jackson, Liza informs them that the jury has reached a verdict. Greenlee calls Jackson to tell him they’ve found new evidence. Greenlee and Ryan locate Nick Pearson and Greenlee explains that Ryan isn’t being prosecuted for murder she is, and she asks for his help. When Jackson tells Erica how supportive Krystal has been to him, her jealousy is ignited and she urges him to apply for their marriage license before Thanksgiving. Greenlee and Ryan return home, planning to tell everyone they are back together. Greenlee tells Jackson the evidence was destroyed.


A new doctor, Griffin, arrives in Pine Valley who much to everyone’s surprise turns out to be the man responsible for destroying Jake’s marriage. When Jake recognizes Griffin, he punches him. Jake tells Angie he turned down the offer from Doctors Without Borders because of his ex-wife Carolyn. Amanda takes Griffin to lunch to get the scoop about Jake’s ex-wife. Colby gets an eyeful of Asher. Kendall invites JR and Annie to Thanksgiving dinner.


Caleb struggles to reconcile with Asher on Monday, November 15.

Ryan and Greenlee’s kiss leads to them to lovemaking on Tuesday, November 16.

Jake admits the reason he punched Griffin was because he was the man who stole Carolyn from him in Sudan on Wednesday, November 17.

Colby sees Asher with no shirt on and tries to hide the effect it has on her on Thursday, November 18.

Bianca introduces Griffin to Kendall. Kendall feels dizzy for a moment and Griffin checks her out on Friday, November 19.


Jesse tells Angie the sex of their baby. The courtroom is shocked! What’s the verdict?

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