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B&B Previews: Week of November 29


B&B Previews: Week of November 29

Brooke’s future with Ridge could be in jeopardy; Amber and Hope face off!


Stephanie is caught between a rock (Taylor) and a hard place (Brooke). Taylor is hurt when Stephanie sticks up for Thomas and Brooke. Taylor catches Thomas kissing a model. Mistaking the model for Brooke, Taylor freaks out. Thomas questions the reasoning behind Taylor’s actions. Stephen confronts Brooke about her kiss with Thomas. Taylor still has feelings for Ridge, who tells her that he will reunite with her if Brooke and Thomas are involved in anymore scandal. Whip overhears part of the convo!

When Stephanie finds out about the conversation, she worries about Taylor. Amber continues to plot and manipulate for the sake of Oliver. Liam and Hope get closer at the beach. Aggie makes it her mission to get rid of Amber after she discovers her living at Oliver’s. Aggie goes to Hope and asks her to giver Oliver another shot. At Forrester Creations, Hope and Amber have a heated confrontation. Amber says some things that cause Hope to doubt Liam. Liam and Oliver get into it over Hope.


Monday – Stephanie finds herself in the middle of Brooke and Taylor’s argument; Amber tries to comfort Oliver and give him some advice; Hope and Liam share a steamy kiss; Taylor fears her worst fear has become a reality.

Tuesday – Thomas demands an explanation for Taylor’s behavior; Stephen and his daughters meet for lunch, where Brooke is questioned about her kiss with Thomas; Amber and Oliver panic when Aggie arrives unannounced.

Wednesday – Oliver and Aggie argue about his living arrangements; Amber gets seductive with Oliver; Aggie begs Hope to give Oliver one more chance; Taylor admits to Ridge that he is the only person who truly understands her.

Thursday – Ridge and Brooke discuss Stephanie, Taylor and Thomas; Stephanie worries that Taylor is still in love with Ridge; Oliver surprises Amber by giving her something; Hope goes off on Amber when she runs into her at Forrester Creations.

Friday – Bill and Justin investigate Liam’s limousine situation; Amber and Hope continue to talk about Hope’s love life; Liam visits Oliver and they get into an argument; Ridge and Brooke give Hope advice regarding Liam and Oliver.

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