DAYS Previews: Week of November 29

DAYS Previews: Week of November 29

Rafe tries to reason with EJ. Will it work?


Monday – Chloe discovers that Daniel is about to do something dangerous; Kate warns Brady that Vivian will want vengeance; Sami is forced to tell Will and Allie some hard truths; Brady thinks Nicole made the wrong choice by siding with EJ.

Tuesday – Rafe tries to reason with EJ, while Sami confronts Nicole; Nathan tells Daniel how much he loves Melanie; Stephanie reveals to Adrienne that Philip is Parker’s father; Melanie calls Carly “mom.”

Wednesday – Stefano realizes that Kate is the reason Sami shot EJ; Philip witnesses a close moment between Nathan and Melanie; Bo meets with Warden Smith about Hope’s solitary confinement; EJ informs Nicole that she has a choice to make.

Thursday – Stefano realizes that Kate sent Chad his birth certificate; Will explains to Chad that nothing good can come from being a DiMera; Sami tells her family what EJ has done; Lexie visits EJ and begins to figure things out; Vivian visits Maggie.

Friday – Philip is forced to make a confession to Melanie; Nathan realizes he can be happy without his soul mate; Stefano and Chad discuss Chad’s paternity test results; Vivian shares her revenge plans with Gus.

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