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B&B Previews: Week of November 22


B&B Previews: Week of November 22

Jackie offers Nick a solution to his business predicament.


Bill, Katie and Donna can’t see eye to eye about Hope and Liam’s new relationship. Amber disguises herself as a driver and “steals.” Liam so he cannot show up at Hope’s party. Oliver kisses Hope just as Liam walks in. Hope has to make a choice between Oliver and Liam. Amber makes a deal with Oliver to ensure future assistance with Hope. Katie and Bill have different points of view in regards to Hope and Liam’s relationship. Jackie tries to persuade Nick to hire her back at Jackie M. Owen is adamant about his love for Jackie when questioned by Nick. After, Nick gives Jackie her job back.

B&B is pre-empted on Thursday and Friday due to the holiday.


Monday – Bill argues with Katie and Donna about Liam & Hope’s relationship. Hope is unable to enjoy her party. Amber continues to deceive Liam. Hope turns to Oliver for support.

Tuesday – Hope and Oliver get caught up in a passionate kiss, but then are interrupted. Amber confirms her involvement in Liam’s limo fiasco. Jackie offers Nick a solution to his current business predicament.

Wednesday – Stephanie, Taylor, Thomas and Brooke attempt to resolve their issues Liam tells Bill and Katie about his evening with Hope & Oliver. Amber offers to help Oliver, but she wants something in exchange.

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