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GH Previews: Week of January 3


Lives are in danger when a bus carrying the children of Port Charles crashes.

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Crash Course

After hearing the crash through Morgan’s cell phone, Carly and Jason race off to rescue the children, but they travel down the wrong road. Dante is informed of the crash and Brenda embraces him. Michael, Kristina, Molly, Ali and Taylor look for a missing Morgan. Sonny’s meeting with Theo is cut short when he and Alexis get word of the crash. Brook Lynn tries to stick close to Nikolas, but Elizabeth seeks comfort from her ex-lover when she hears the bus carrying Cameron and the other children crashed. Lucky and Siobhan call for rescue help. Michael discovers Morgan with a broken leg and carries him back to their makeshift camp. Michael and Molly then locate a cell phone and call 911. Maxie and Matt grow closer as Steve comforts Olivia, who is still critical. Dante and Brenda are first to arrive on the scene, and Dante rushes to his mother’s side. Later, Jason and Carly make it to the scene. Olivia is air-lifted to GH. Carly feels beats herself up for not being on the bus with Morgan and for putting Olivia in harm’s way as well.

News of the bus accident also manages to bring the estranged Patrick and Robin closer. All of the doctors, including Lisa, work together to treat the crash victims and a feeling of kinship emerges as families gather at the hospital for support. Abby inadvertently introduces herself to Sonny when she says she is at the hospital for news on her friend, Michael. Lulu finally arrives to comfort Dante. Carly and Sonny arrange for Morgan to get the best care, enlisting the services of visiting pediatric surgeon Terrell Clark. Kristina’s friend Ali suddenly collapses. Brenda and Sonny share a tender moment at the hospital as they bond over Sonny’s struggles to protect his children from harm. Maxie refuses to allow Lisa to treat Matt, and Maxie comes to realize just how deeply she feels about the good doctor. Elizabeth notices Lucky and Siobhan’s closeness as the couple comfort Cameron. Nikolas purposely makes himself scarce at the hospital, and Brook Lynn calls him out. Sonny tries to make Kristina feel better. Molly starts to act strangely and Michael instinctively believes she may be suffering PTSD over the bus crash.


Luke contemplates using his honeymoon with Tracy as a cover for a jewel heist. Jason shares a sweet moment with Jake as Sam looks on. Sonny protects Dante from Theo’s line of questioning. Steve offers Terrell, a man from Lisa’s past, a trial position in pediatrics. As Patrick and Robin inch closer to reconciliation, Lisa reveals her new plans to Terrell.

Ethan rejects Edward’s latest offer, hoping to move in with Maya somewhere other than the Quartermaine mansion. Carly is has a meltdown about Abby to Sonny. Brenda begins wedding preparations but is hurt that Jason, Spinelli, Suzanne will not support her marriage to Sonny. Terrell charms his way into Robin’s life. Theo arrives to pursue his malpractice suit against GH, but Robin manages to talk him out of the case.


Steve and Maxie manage to tend to wounded Matt, but Olivia remains in critical condition on Monday, January 3rd.

Taylor tries to keep Kristina warm, but their physical closeness triggers memories of Kiefer’s abuse on Tuesday, January 4th.

Patrick performs emergency surgery on Olivia on Wednesday, January 5th.

Dante grapples with the fact that he may lose his mother on Thursday, January 6th.

Carly tries to make Abby an offer she can’t refuse on Friday, January 7th.


Michael and Sonny discuss Abby. Lulu demands Dante quit guarding Brenda. Abby and Michael share a kiss. Sonny has a terrible nightmare. Is Patrick on to Lisa & Johnny? Someone is arrested. Sonny asks Dante to be his best man.

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