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OLTL Previews: Week of December 13


Someone shuts Eddie up for good. The question is…who killed him?

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Brody and Nate pull Eddie off of Ford, ending their fight. Langston takes Ford to the hospital. James takes aim. Nate is fixated on ridding his family of Eddie. Rex discovers Nora in Eddie’s room, and they try to call Bo, but he doesn’t answer because he’s still passed out from the drugs Inez gave him. While Bo is sleeping it off, Matthew gets an eyeful of his dad in a compromising position. Inez tells Bo they had sex. Rex rescues Nora, but in their hasty escape, they’re involved in a car accident. Eddie is murdered and Brody is the first cop on the scene. John and Natalie investigate Eddie’s murder, and Natalie discovers a red hair in Eddie’s room, and they discover a gold cuff link with the initials “TM.”

Brody and Gigi find an injured Rex at the scene of the accident, but Nora is missing. Bo informs James and Starr that Eddie is dead. Starr questions if James killed Eddie. John tells, Blair, Tea and Todd that Eddie was murdered, and confronts Todd with the cuff link. Rex tells Bo that Nora was in the car with him, and Bo goes to search for her. Bo finds Nora’s wedding ring at the crash site, and believing he slept with Inez, he is overwhelmed with guilt. When Inez discovers that Clint didn’t get rid of Eddie as agreed, she decides to tell Bo the truth, that they didn’t really sleep together. Clint blackmails Inez with the information he saw her son at the scene of the crime.

Blair and Tea grill Todd. Starr and James get Tea to represent him, and they go to John and give a statement. James said he took a gun to Eddie’s and intended to shoot him, but didn’t go through with it. Nate is evasive when Dani asks why he wasn’t surprised to learn that Eddie was killed. Matt tells Nate about Bo and Inez. Bo finds Nora, but she can’t remember anything that happened after the crash.


Natalie is about to tell John the truth about the baby, but his proposal stops her in her tracks. Viki confronts Echo about kissing Charlie. Charlie and Echo have a close moment while waiting for news about Rex. Echo asks Charlie to help her with her drinking problem. Joey tells Jessica about Aubrey, and Dorian and Blair press Kelly to tell Joey she still loves him. Aubrey asks Joey if she has reason to be jealous of Kelly. Matthew and Destiny commiserate over their problems with their parents. Rex tells Natalie how Eddie kidnapped Nora to cause problems for her and Bo’s marriage. Natalie confides her worries that her engagement to John will provoke Marty.


Rex finds Nora in the motel room Eddie was keeping her hostage in and unties her on Monday, December 13.

Eddie is murdered. The suspects are James, Nate, Ford and Inez. Inez lies to Bo when she tells him they had sex on Tuesday, December 14.

Kelly verges on telling Joey about her feelings for him when she has a food mishap on Wednesday, December 15.

Viki agrees to let Dorian help her get Echo out of her home and her life on Thursday, December 16.

Blair and Tea grill Todd about whether he could have killed Eddie on Friday, December 17.


Dorian goes to great lengths to keep Charlie from Echo’s clutches, and Bo plays into Clint’s plans.

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