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AMC Previews: Week of December 13


Cara’s presence in town brings up memories for Jake.

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Cara tries to convince Jake to return to Doctors Without Borders.  Amanda asks Griffin why Cara came to Pine Valley.  Jake has a flashback of Christmas past with Cara, and across town, Cara has the same memory.  Tad warns Cara to leave Jake alone.  Jake reassures Amanda that she is not keeping him from doing anything he wants, and that he’s told her all there is to tell about Cara’s offer.  Tad offers to investigate Cara for Jake.  Irregularities with Cara’s passport keep her in Pine Valley, and she’s quite pleased with the turn of events.  Jake proposes that Cara should work at the hospital.  Amanda suggests that Cara have lunch with her so they can get to know each other.


Erica implores Greenlee to leave Kendall alone and explains that is the only way she can help her.  Caleb supports Erica, and tells her she will find a way to help Kendall.  Erica agrees to marry Jackson on New Year’s Eve, but their trust issues remain a problem.  Ryan convinces Kendall to spend Christmas with him and Spike.  Kendall agrees but insists that Greenlee not be a part of the festivities and explains that if they didn’t share a son she would avoid him as much as Greenlee.

Madison tells Randi she’s pregnant.  Angie lets Madison feel her baby kick, and she’s overwhelmed by her emotions.  Ryan is confused by Madison’s ramblings about a decision she’s made, but Greenlee shows up and Madison announces she is leaving Fusion.  Madison tells Frankie she doesn’t plan to tell Ryan about her pregnancy.  Annie is disappointed when she opens her gift from JR.  JR invites Tad to go shopping for Christmas trees to use the opportunity to convince Tad he has honorable intentions toward Marissa.  Annie observes JR’s family Christmas from the outside looking in, and when Tad catches her and makes her leave, she trashes her hotel room.


Alone, Jake is hit by a memory’s of Christmas with Cara, while she has the exact same flashback on Monday, December 13.

Jackson tells Erica he’d like for them to marry on New Year’s Eve and while she agrees, it’s obvious that there’s broken trust between them on Tuesday, December 14.

JR, Tad, Krystal, AJ, and Marissa all share a good time as they set up the Christmas tree. Annie watches the loving moment through the window on Wednesday, December 15.

Jake is rattled after he has another flashback of Cara and makes it clear to his ex that he’s found happiness with Amanda and his son on Thursday, December 16.

Kendall learns of a meeting at Fusion and is upset with Greenlee for keeping her in the dark. Kendall thinks Greenlee is trying to push her out of the company on Friday, December 17.


Will Greenlee discover Madison’s secret?

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