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GH Previews: Week of December 13


Sonny and Brenda declare their love for each other and make love.

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Sonny and Brenda declare their love for each other and make love. Jerry Jacks escapes from Jason and Dante after killing an innocent civilian and driving off with Aleksander’s body.  Jason, Dante and Lucky corner Jerry, but the madman drives off the road in flames. Siobhan asks Nikolas to help get Lucky off the Balkan case.  Later, she questions Jax for information about Jerry. Jerry is presumed dead, but he shows up in the flesh at the Jacks home, proclaiming his hatred for Brenda as he holds Josslyn close. Sonny and Brenda fall deeper back into love.

It seems as though Brenda is safe and she can return to Rome. Sonny gives Brenda a Christmas present. Jax threatens Jerry, saying he will not let his brother harm Brenda.  Jerry puts a gun to Carly before taking off, warning he will stop at nothing until he gets to Brenda. Sonny asks Jax for information on Jerry so they can bring Jerry down once and for all. Brenda is mysteriously being sued for the wrongful death of Aleksander Banovic. Jax purchases a gun, ready to take down Jerry to protect Brenda.  Lulu worries that Dante is in love with Brenda.  Luke expresses his concerns about Dante to Sonny.


Robin and Patrick come close to reconciling. Michael confides in Sam about his feelings for Abby, while Carly threatens Abby and demands she break things off with Michael. Lucky warns Luke that he will use whatever force – legal or otherwise – to make sure his father shows up at the altar on December 21. Tracy tells Brook Lynn that she thinks Luke will stand her up. Siobhan witnesses Lucky and Nikolas reconciling their differences. Johnny’s call for help puts Ethan’s chance at romance with Maya on hold. Patrick and Robin argue over how to deal with Lisa.

Carly asks Luke to dig up dirt on Abby. Abby tries to turn down Michael. Brook Lynn and Nikolas share a moment as they discuss their past loves. Theo spares Robin’s career by not naming her in the suit due to their bond. A demoralized Michael ends up in a close call fight with Bryce over Kristina, but Abby saves the day. Luke fights his instinct to flee before the wedding. Claire informs Sonny that she is being transferred to Alaska. Robin tries to sway Theo out of his malpractice suit, but he will not relent. Nikolas asks Alexis to draw up a contract for Brooke Lynn’s work-for-hire. Theo offers to help with Brenda’s wrongful death suit and help with Sonny’s international affairs and despite Alexis’ misgivings, Diane hires Theo as temporary legal relief.


As Jason and Dante stake out the loading dock, Jerry Jack arrives to take claim Aleksander’s remains on Monday, December 13th.

Lisa avoids disciplinary action thanks to Johnny on Tuesday, December 14th.

Steve, Patrick and Lisa are named in a malpractice suit Theo announces against General Hospital on Wednesday, December 15th.

Michael convinces Abby to give him another chance on Thursday, December 16th.
Brenda cracks under the pressure of Carly’s constant accusations and confesses the truth about the Balkan’s son on Friday, December 17th.


Sonny defends his relationship with Brenda to Alexis and Carly. Lisa sets a new plan in motion. Dante and Brenda discuss their secret. Sam and Jason have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Robin and Patrick put aside their issues for the holidays. Someone proposes at Luke and Tracy’s wedding.

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