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B&B Previews: Week of December 13


B&B Previews: Week of December 13

Whip leaks a compromising photo of Brooke and Thomas as revenge against Ridge!


Whip gets back at Ridge by snapping a pic of Brooke and Thomas in an indecent position and leaking it on the internet

Ridge is pissed that Brooke is keeping another secret from him

Oliver puts the kibosh on Amber’s latest scheme

Realizing that she is getting nowhere with Oliver, Amber decides to focus her attention on someone new: LIAM!

Bill hosts a grand party to introduce Liam as his son and the new face of Spencer Publications

Amber manages to con her way into the party

Liam decides to take Hope to daddy’s party against Dollar Bill’s wishes.


Monday – Nick invites Aggie to celebrate Christmas with him; Whip pulls a prank at the Taboo fashion show; Donna and Justin gush over Marcus and his burgeoning modeling career; Jarrett stumbles upon the result of Whip’s prank.

Tuesday – Brooke and Thomas decide not to tell Ridge and Taylor what happened backstage; Hope becomes concerned about Liam; Oliver protests Amber’s seduction because he’s determined to win Hope back; Ridge sees the backstage photo on the Internet.

Wednesday – Ridge demands to know the details surrounding the backstage photo; Liam becomes offended when Hope makes a disparaging remark about his father; Whip manipulates Taylor into finding the backstage photo online; Oliver suggests that Amber get a job.

Thursday – Taylor fumes over the photos; Aggie issues Whip a warning about messing with Ridge and the Forresters; Bill tells Liam about a big party he’s throwing in Liam’s honor; Amber researches the Spencers; Brooke offers to take herself off of the Taboo line.

Friday – Liam convinces Hope to attend his party, despite Bill’s objections; Marcus discovers that Amber is living with Oliver; Justin offers to put Donna on the party’s guest list as his date; Amber asks Marcus to get her on the list for Liam’s party.

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