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OLTL Previews: Week of December 6


Natalie and Marty face off over Marty’s actions. John has a big question for Natalie.

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John tells Natalie about Marty’s strange behavior and the gift that she took back.  Rex sneaks into Marty’s house and finds the paternity test results.  When Rex confronts Natalie with his discovery, she tells him the whole story.  Rex tells Natalie he found the paternity test in Marty’s home.  Natalie confronts Marty about the stolen paternity test.  After their discussion, Natalie decides she has to tell John the truth, but when she goes to see him, he has something to say and he wants to go first.  John asks Natalie to become his wife.


Bo receives a text that Eddie sends from Nora’s phone.  Eddie taunts and threatens his captive.  Eddie challenges Ford to go ten rounds in the boxing ring with him.  He agrees to leave town if Ford wins.  Ford gets boxing lessons from Cristian.  When Ford sucker punches Eddie, Eddie fights back.  When Inez discovers Clint didn’t meet his end of the bargain, she wants to back out of sleeping with Bo.  Bo goes to Inez apartment to see if she knows where Eddie is.  Inez drugs Bo.  Charlie persuades Echo to keep their kiss from Viki.

Dorian tells Viki she saw Echo and Charlie kiss, and Viki waits to see if Charlie will tell her.  Joey announces he plans to marry Aubrey, but Aubrey doesn’t accept Joey’s proposal.  Kelly continues to summon the courage to tell Joey how she feels.  Aubrey asks Kelly privately if she’s going to interfere with her and Joey.  Kelly tells Joey that she and Kevin are back together.  Mathew confronts Clint with the knowledge that he is Rex’s father.  Clint persuades Matthew that Nora and Eddie are having an affair.  Matthew sees Bo and Inez in a compromising position.


Dorian runs off after spying Charlie kissing Echo. Rex sneaks into Marty’s house and finds the copy of the paternity test for Natalie’s baby on Monday, December 6.

Kelly finds Joey alone with a diamond ring and in a moment of wishful thinking thinks it’s for her on Tuesday, December 7.

Matthew drops a bomb on Clint that he knows he’s Rex’s father on Wednesday, December 8.

Natalie confronts Marty about having stolen her records proving Brody’s her baby’s father on Thursday, December 9.

Eddie threatens to get physical with Nora.  Rex searches Eddie’s room on Friday, December 10.


Will Natalie accept John’s proposal? Will Nora be rescued?

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