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AMC Previews: Week of December 6


Madison keeps Ryan at a distance…until she learns she’s pregnant.

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Frankie lays it on the line with Ryan about how he treated Madison.  Ryan understands, but explains that Emma loves Madison and wants to continue a relationship.  Madison tells Ryan it hurts too much to see him and Emma, and that she wants him to stay away from her.  Madison learns she is pregnant.  Later in the week, Madison confesses to Frankie that she still hasn’t told Ryan she’s pregnant.  Then she runs into Ryan and drops a few hints about some surprising news she got at the doctor’s office.


Erica throws down the gauntlet to Liza.  Kendall expresses her gratitude to Greenlee for the support when she needed it, but admits she has to face the challenges of a single mother alone.  Kendall agrees to hold a memorial for Zack.  As loved ones gather for the memorial, Erica voices her concern for Kendall to Jackson.  JR tries to convince a suspicious Annie that his date with Marissa is a ploy to get her to drop the custody case.  With a little pressure from JR, Marissa agrees to spend part of Christmas with AJ and JR. When Annie interrupts JR is angered.

Jake opens up to Amanda about Cara, and admits it still hurts that she left him for another man.  Griffin overhears and contacts Cara to warn her not to come to Pine Valley.  Cara bumps into Amanda at Confusion, and not knowing who they’re dealing with, they strike up a conversation.  Cara seeks out Jake at the hospital.  Ryan and Greenlee set up their new home together.  Greenlee shares her good news with Kendall, who responds badly.  Greenlee explains she will not marry Ryan until Kendall agrees to stand with her.  Caleb tells Asher about his relationship with Sonia.  Jessie and Angie share a special night together.


Marissa tells Caleb of her sit down with JR knowing he won’t approve on Monday, December 6.

Frankie tells Madison that she’s pregnant. Amanda questions Jake on his constant suspicion of Griffin on Tuesday, December 7.

Ryan consoles Spike over Zach’s death.  Loved ones gather for Zach’s memorial service Wednesday, December 8.

Initially turning down Jesse’s proposition for a night out, Angie lures him to a hotel downtown after Frankie says Jesse had been planning the night for weeks on Thursday, December 9.

Jake and Amanda help Ryan and Greenlee move in together. Greenlee shares her good news with Kendall on Friday, December 10.


Madison is thinking of leaving town, Annie suffers a jealous rage and Jake can’t get Cara out of his mind.

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