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GH Previews: Week of December 6


Sonny is determined to make his romantic evening with Brenda a great one.

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Hey Jealousy

Sonny and Brenda are on the verge of having sex when Carly and Spinelli bust up their plans. Jax overhears Carly admit to Sonny that she does still care about him. Suzanne insists Dante accompany Brenda to an ASEC event, despite the fact that Brenda had already invited Sonny as her date. Dante arranges to have Aleksander’s body examined for a second autopsy in hopes that the Balkan will show up at General Hospital to claim his son’s remains.

After an encounter with Brenda, Dante heads to Jake’s to bury his feelings with alcohol. Michael picks up a drunk Dante, who admits his mixed feelings to Michael. Diane asks Brenda to reconsider her reunion with Sonny. Sonny has to work around Carly, Jason, Max and Milo to plan an intimate evening with Brenda. A jealous Carly is determined to find further proof that Dante and Brenda had a sexual past. A puzzled Lulu finds Dante hung over. Dante goes to see Sonny with plans to tell his father the truth. Sonny surprises Brenda with a gift and they begin to get close. Carly makes a plea to Jason to keep Sonny and Brenda apart.


Johnny blackmails Lisa. Michael defends Abby’s honor when a customer comes on too strong. Luke confronts Edward. Robin admits Theo to General Hospital, a raving hypochondriac who claims he has a brain tumor, despite a round of healthy test results. Siobhan and Lucky make love in New York. Maya threatens Ethan with divorce when she learns he went on a date with Lisa. A concerned Kristina warns Michael that Abby may be a gold digger. Confused by Kristina’s skepticism, Michael sticks his foot in his mouth with Abby.

Robin busts Lisa stealing antibiotics for Johnny and Theo supports Robin as a witness. Dante thanks Johnny for breaking up with Olivia for good. Feelings are hurt when Nikolas chooses his plans with Brook Lynn over decorating the Christmas tree with Elizabeth. Sam gives Patrick some good advice. Steve and Olivia get closer. Tracy makes demands on Luke for their Christmas wedding, and Lulu worries that her father will break Tracy’s heart.


Johnny and Olivia make a clean break on Monday, December 6th.

Dante goes beyond the call of duty as Brenda’s bodyguard on Tuesday, December 7th.

Theo condemns Patrick for his adulterous ways, which weighs on Robin’s mind on Wednesday, December 8th.

Lucky and Siobhan gain access to Ronan O’Reilly’s safety deposit box on Thursday, December 9th.

Michael asks Abby out on a date on Friday, December 10th.


Robin and Patrick come close to reconciling. Sonny and Brenda make love. Carly asks Luke to find some dirt on Abby. Theo announces that he is suing the hospital. Elizabeth doesn’t like what she sees. Johnny comes to Lisa’s aid. Sonny seeks to bring Jerry Jacks down.

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