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B&B Previews: Week of December 6


B&B Previews: Week of December 6

Ridge and Thomas clash at Forrester Creations.


Taylor freaks out and makes a huge mistake.

Ridge reveals he and Taylor’s conversation to very pissed off Brooke.

Taylor freaks out during an interview when questions about the Taboo kiss arise.

Ridge and Taylor share another close moment which is witnessed by Whip.

Ridge pisses Thomas off when he takes control of his photo shoot.


Monday – Bill confronts Oliver about being responsible for Liam’s limo fiasco; Taylor feels guilty for the thoughts she’s having about Ridge; Liam makes a bold suggestion to Hope.

Tuesday – Taylor scrambles to cover a major faux pas she made concerning Whip; Oliver threatens to reveal Bill’s request to Hope and Liam; Hope realizes it’s time to have a serious discussion about sex with Liam; Amber encourages Oliver to accept Bill’s offer.

Wednesday – Thomas, Ridge and Taylor participate in an interview and family photo shoot; Whip runs into Brooke at lunch; Oliver tries to hide any evidence from Hope about where Amber is living; Bill instructs Liam that he needs to spend less time with Hope.

Thursday – Whip expresses his anger about what Taylor did; Thorne supervises Brooke and Thomas’ photo shoot; Ridge demands that Brooke and Thomas’ ad campaign be scaled back; Bill tells Liam that he plans to make him the new face of Spencer Publications.

Friday – Nick and Aggie have Jackie and Owen over for dinner; Ridge warns Thomas not to cross the line again with any further stunts; Thomas is presented with an enticing opportunity; Whip issues Ridge a stern warning to stay away from Taylor.

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