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AMC Previews: Week of January 3


Erica pulls out all the stops to protect Kendall.

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Liza appears to be edging closer to the truth when she shares a security snapshot with Erica showing Kendall with a pillow near David’s face. Liza claims she will use the photo in court when she prosecutes Kendall. Jackson quickly assures Erica the photo is not admissible and he is frustrated that he didn’t know about the incident. When Caleb persuades Asher and Bianca to reenact Ryan’s fight with David, he discovers it was impossible for Erica to have fired the shot from her position. Erica confesses that Kendall shot David, but doesn’t remember doing so. Erica and Caleb kiss. Caleb is thrown by the kiss, but assures Erica they can continue working together and he will not betray her secret. Kendall collapses in Caleb’s arms due to pneumonia and her condition is serious due to her heart transplant. Griffin implores Kendall to take better care of herself. Caleb informs Liza that Erica will accept the lesser charge, but Liza refuses. Erica worries that Kendall will remember shooting David. Kendall continues to feel threatened by David, in spite of his coma. Erica convinces Kendall her anxiety is due to medications she is taking. Liza questions Erica when she finds her in David’s room. Erica blasts Liza, accusing her of being jealous of her success. Erica and Jackson leave David’s room, and David’s lips mouth the word “Kendall”.


Greenlee continues to worry about Ryan and Madison. Ryan and Madison take Spike and Ian to visit Kendall. Frankie warns Madison to watch her back where Greenlee is concerned. Greenlee tries to play matchmaker with Griffin and Madison, but Griffin calls her out on her motives. As JR and Marissa grow closer, Annie’s insecurities rise. Annie’s new year’s resolution is to never be the “other woman” again. Marissa accompanies JR to his doctor’s appointment where he learns he is cancer free. Ryan warns JR not to toy with Annie’s feelings because he doesn’t want her to lose it as she has before. When Annie learns of Ryan’s discussion with JR, she warns him not to interfere in her relationship. Scott warns Ryan that JR will be trying to come after Cambias.


Erica and Caleb kiss. Erica reflects on the year 2010 through a letter to her mother on Monday, January 3.

Madison changes her mind about taking Greenlee up on her offer of a new start in New York on Tuesday, January 4.

Kendall and Griffin grow closer and he urges her to take better care of herself on Wednesday, January 5.

Asher gets Colby to open up and she admits she’s not sure if she believes Liza’s accusations of her father not loving her are true on Thursday, January 6.

As Erica and Jackson look at an unconscious David, Erica doesn’t really care if he comes out of the coma. When they leave, David’s lips move and he mutters Kendall’s name on Friday, January 7.

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