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DAYS Previews: Week of December 13


DAYS Previews: Week of December 13

Daniel confronts Philip with his suspicions. EJ and Sami learn of Johnny’s illness.


Monday – Rafe informs Sami he’s joined the police force; Chloe and Philip reminisce; Nathan and Stephanie firm up their plans to get married; EJ asks Sami to give Johnny closure one last time.

Tuesday – Abe reacts jealously when he sees Ben comforting Lexie; Nicole pretends she’s broken up with Brady to be with Sydney; Melanie asks Nathan why he’s rushing his wedding; Rafe studies some troubling photos of Johnny’s eye.

Wednesday – Chloe backfires in her efforts to calm down Daniel; Lexie examines Johnny and grows alarmed; Victor realizes Maggie is jealous about Kate moving in with him; Nicole feels that she’s fitting into the role of mother nicely.

Thursday –Philip admits to Daniel that he cheated on Melanie; Jane plays mind games with Hope; Lexie tells EJ that Johnny needs to be seen by a specialist; Bo shows Jennifer the letter from Hope; Maggie is worried by Chloe and Philip’s strange behavior.

Friday – EJ overhears Sami and Johnny discussing their secret code; Bo prepares to go away for awhile on a case, and he has Ciara open her Christmas gift early; Chloe is anxious that neither Philip nor Daniel has checked in after their talk.

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