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GH Previews: Week of January 31


Brenda starts to spill her secrets.

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My Baby’s Got a Secret

Alexis learns that Jax went to London on a hero’s mission for Brenda’s benefit. Brenda twists the knife by telling Carly, who promptly asks Jax for a divorce. Robin supports Brenda’s quest to overcome Carly’s threats to ruin her wedding. Later, Brenda admits the truth about the baby and the child’s whereabouts to Dante. Meanwhile, Maxie has managed to convince Lulu to take Dante back, only to find Brenda in Dante’s arms. Brenda becomes fed up with the secrets and threatens to come clean with Sonny. However, Diane appears to know more about the baby than she has let on.

Brenda and Carly have another confrontation and Brenda readies herself to tell Jason about the baby. Before Brenda can tell Jason the truth, Sonny shows up and reassures her that nothing will stand in the way of their wedding. The two go to their woodland home and make love. Sonny is tortured by another nightmare premonition of their wedding day – and awakens to find Brenda gone.


Michael wards off Abby’s attacker before her rapes her. Lucky catches Siobhan red-handed. Lulu faces the Balkan’s wrath. Siobhan reveals to Lucky why she is working for the Balkan. Michael agrees to seek professional help. Lucky sets a trap for the Balkan. Michael tells Dante what happened in prison. Molly rescues Siobhan. Lisa looses her cool when Terrell fails to get closer to Robin. Nikolas is jealous of a business partner with an eye for Brook.

Dante blames himself for Michael’s fate and considers turning in his badge. Steve grows suspicious of Lisa’s strange behavior. Lulu convinces Dante not to throw his career away. Michael takes Abby to the MetroCourt where they share a romantic, yet awkward moment. Carly tells Sonny the truth about Michael. Lucky decides to return to Ireland, but Jason objects. Sam gets dizzy and Maxie thinks she may be pregnant. Luke returns home just as Tracy is arrested for his jewel heist.


Michael breaks down and admits to Jason what really happened between he and Carter on Monday, January 31st.

Brenda shares the baby’s whereabouts to Dante on Tuesday, February 1st.

After learning the truth about Michael’s prison experience, a vengeful Carly pulls a gun on Dante on Wednesday, February 2nd.

Lisa sabotages Robin & Patrick’s plans to attend an AIDS benefit together on Thursday, February 3rd.

Sam admits to Maxie that she has been thinking about having Jason’s child on Friday, February 4th.


Brenda and Carly face off when Brenda accuses Carly of destroying her wedding dress. Maxie tries to get Dante and Lulu back together. Sonny wants to elope. Jason finds Sam with a home pregnancy test. Dante tries to convince Michael not to go after Franco. Lucky walks into the Balkan’s trap. Lulu has a surprise for Dante on Valentine’s Day.

A special encore episode of General Hospital will air on Friday, February 11th. Originally airing December 29, 2008, Robin and Patrick’s wedding day has arrived.

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